Xinhua International Time Commentary: Exposing America’s tricks against China

06-01-2020 21:26:09    Source: Xinhua

[Xinhua News Agency reporter] –

From “hiding the epidemic” to “damaging Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedom”, from “threatening world trade” to “theft of American technology”, American politicians have done everything they can to discredit China, trying to turn China into “a scapegoat” for many US problems. However, the facts stand on the side of China, and slandering China will never succeed.

China runs through the whole process of China’s epidemic resistance from beginning to end with sharing the epidemic situation information in a timely, open and transparent way with the international community. A few months ago, the United States also publicly praised China’s anti-epidemic actions, expressing its great appreciation for China’s transparency in sharing epidemic information, but now its attitude has turned 180 degrees. It is nothing more than trying to pass on its responsibility to China.

The United States is currently the country with the largest number of the corona virus infections and deaths in the world. The long-term deliberate downplay of the epidemic and the violation of science leading to poor prevention and control are the main reasons cause of the epidemic in the United States. Some politicians are addicted to the “boasting” and “throwing the pot” game. They have been criticized and even aroused public outrage. How can they easily “wash white” themselves by discrediting others?

The US accuses China ’s Hong Kong-related national security law of “damaging Hong Kong ’s autonomy and freedom” and threatens to impose so-called “sanctions” on Hong Kong. It should be noted that in accordance with the Chinese Constitution and the Hong Kong Basic Law, and also in accordance with internationally practices, China has the absolute right to fill Hong Kong ’s loophole in national security. The decision of the National People’s Congress of China on Hong Kong’s national security legislation is entirely within China’s internal affairs, and no foreign country has the right to interfere. As Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said, the US has intervened in Hong Kong affairs and fully exposed its “self-superiority and arrogance.”

Furthermore, what qualifications does the US have to talk about so-called freedom and human rights? The anger caused by the white police ’s violent law enforcement death to the blacks is burning in the United States, and the protests of “I can’t breathe” are heard in major cities in the United States. From the proliferation of gun violence to the violation of personal privacy by online surveillance, from the separation of forced immigrant children from their parents to the military operations abroad that have caused numerous civilian deaths and injuries, the United States is well-known for its brutal violation of human rights and freedom.

The U.S. misrepresented that China “threatens world trade”. The fact is that it is the U.S. that pursues unilateralism and protectionism that threatens the international trade order; the U.S. attacks China ’s South China Sea-related policies. The fact is that for some time it has been outside the United States and other regions, carrying out frequent military activities and strengthening its military presence; the United States has also repeatedly  slandered China’s “theft of intellectual property rights”. The fact is that China attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and has surpassed the United States as the country with the largest number of international patent applications in 2019.

In front of the facts, discrediting and slandering China will put on shame on itself.

Behind the slandering of China is the cold war thinking and hegemonic thinking. Some American politicians have advocated a tough policy of pressuring on China, constantly trying to interfere in China’s internal affairs and spurring a “new cold war” against China. In response to a series of erroneous words and actions by the US about China, the Chinese government has repeatedly stated its solemn position and made a firm and strong response.

Behind the slandering of China is to shirk its responsibility to fight against the epidemic. They tried to slander China and the World Health Organization, cover up the truth with lies, pass the crisis on to others, and direct the anger of the people to the innocent. A famous British economist Jim O’Neill wrote that some American politicians accused China of fighting the epidemic unjustly, the purpose is to divert public criticism of the government’s ineffectiveness in responding to the epidemic.

Behind the slandering of China is the strategy to obtain political interests. Every election, some American politicians are busy with creating anti-China issues, catering to anti-China forces, and covering up internal problems by establishing China’s “imaginary enemy”.  They provoked hatred to achieve political purpose and obtain election benefits.

Advise American politicians to abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice as soon as possible, stop to interfere in China ’s internal affairs and harm the interests of China;  face up to their own problems, stop to blame China and protect the lives of  their own people which  Is a matter of urgency.


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