Global Times: The US is going against flow of history, it will only weaken itself

Global Times 05-30-2020

Trump announced sanctions against China and Hong Kong, but Hong Kong will survive, and China will look down on the US.

President Trump, at his Saturday press conference, announced that China ’s enactment of Hong Kong ’s national security laws has transformed the promise of “one country, two systems” into “one country, one system”. He stated that the United States “will take action to cancel Hong Kong’s Preferential treatment enjoyed by separate customs and tourist areas “.

He also said that he would sanction officials responsible for the  “detrimental acts  to the autonomy of Hong Kong”, suspend the entry of Chinese students deemed to be detrimental to US national security, and direct the Financial Working Group on Financial Markets to examine the practices of Chinese companies.

This is a press conference full of lies. Trump fabricated that the Hong Kong’s national security laws will change the situation of Hong Kong. He made the false claim that “one country, one system” in mainland China and Hong Kong, and ignored the huge differences of the political system to the governance systems and social life of the two areas. At the same time, Trump also announced the termination of relations with WHO. He claimed that China had “full control” of the WHO. No country in the world, including allies of the United States, would believe this accusation. The Trump team knows that putting false label on the World Health Organization in order to make excuses for its failure in fighting against the epidemic and also inciting the Americans to hate the China—-it is their campaign strategy.

Washington is starting to gamble even more, but the fact is the US economy is very weak. The chips in the hands of the Trump team are far less powerful than the team believes.

We noticed that Trump announced several new political attacks against China. How far will Washington actually go? —it should calculate the loss to the US. Hong Kong contributes tens of billions of dollars in trade surplus to the United States each year, which affects the interests of many large American companies. In addition, if the visas of Hong Kong residents to the United States are cancelled, there will be severe economic pain to the US.

Some elites in the United States punish China with decoupling, However, the reality is that the United States only wants to decouple itself from China in high-tech and other narrow areas, and they are eager to sell more American products to China, so everything has to up to them.

China is well prepared for the worst. How far the United States wants to go forward, China will calmly accompany the US.  According to the plan announced by President Trump, Washington will soon stand in opposition to the interests of the majority people in Hong Kong. Trump will then treat Hong Kong in the same way as the mainland China, and it will help the people of the two places to unite and be even more against the US. The United States will completely lose the trust and goodwill it enjoys in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong’s attitude towards the US will change.

The deterioration of China-US relations, and with the impact of the corona virus epidemic, has weakened the willingness of Chinese families to send their children to study in the United States. If the United States closes attractive schools and majors to Chinese students, it will greatly reduce the number of Chinese students which choose to study in the United States. If the United States only wants to enroll Chinese students in the ” bad majors” not “good majors”, it will be a dream and never happen.

As for sanctioning officials and strengthening the supervision of Chinese companies listed in the United States, these issues have been discussed for a long time. President Trump uses this in order to increase the impression of American sanctions against China.

The United States will never defeat Hong Kong, nor will it overwhelm China. Washington increases tariffs on Hong Kong and restrictions on visas for Hong Kong citizens visiting the United States will bring temporary problems, but it will not determine the fate of Hong Kong

The US is going against flow of history, it will only weaken itself. Their extreme behavior equals chronic suicide.


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