Miles: On CCP’s looming collapse

Summary: 老姜

May 31

Before the CCP collapses, it would use its propaganda machine to create an illusion of a prosperously recovered economy, so that the Chinese people would appreciate its “great leadership” and thus dedicate to fight for CCP initiatives. There are two big gambles that CCP is betting on: one that they think they can completely manipulate the public opinion, as most of the Chinese people under the CCP control are easy to trick in name of nationalism and CCP initiatives, and the U.S. doesn’t have the guts to fall out with CCP, the second is that CCP can always cheat its loyal followers, it doesn’t care if its controlled country gets ruined, as long as they can keep the internal high pressure, kill people who dare to rise up against them without mercy, it shall keep its power and social stability, and they don’t believe the U.S. can crash it.

According to President Trump’s speech, delivered in the Rose Garden yesterday (May, 29th, 2020), in the future, the United States will launch a series of attacks against CCP without mercy. The worst time for CCP is yet to come until June 4th. The United States may establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan or directly acknowledge Taiwan’s independence. The British BNO Passports will allow Hong Kong people to become British citizens unconditionally. Many countries will join the U.S. to fight with CCP and they will start to accept Hong Kong people, and Hong Kong will soon become an abandoned city, without a high level of human power and important assets. All that remains will be the families of the mainland and Hong Kong rich families who are loyal CCP associates. Most U.S. enterprises will draw from Shanghai and Guangdong completely.

It will take some time for the Hong Kong dollar to collapse and don’t join the short if you are not highly skillful investors. China’s domestic economy is miserable, and 50-60% of foreign trade and foreign exchange companies will be finished. Goldman Sachs will be lucky to survive through next year, and it may lose all of its investment in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Since yesterday, CCP ‘s ambassador to Washington, Mr. Cui Tiankai, held a conference with dozens of former U.S. government Asian affairs officials,who regularly give advice to CCP, including Secretary of State Kissinger’s assistant, threatening if President Trump continues to fight against the CCP,Mr. Cui himself will join the CCP army and fight against the United States. In fact, Cui’s personal assets in the United States exceed RMB 3 billion (corruption hint here). CCP show all the characteristics of all dictatorships before their demise. Let’s find out what the former ambassadors to the United States, Iraqi, Libya, Romanian…as what they were doing before the fall of these authoritarian governments? Seeking political asylum. Will Mr. Cui follow the same practice? We will find out in the future.

In fact, CCP also knows the result of the China-US decoupling, the possible war in Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea with the US, and also knows that the Hong Kong dollar and RMB will end, as they are preparing for it, yet they still insist on its own way of fighting with the U.S., Europe and the rest of the world. It is their destiny of God’s plan.

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