“Hong Kong Battle” between China and US has started and America attempts to “sanction China” with a sick body

translation : SeaMoon

US Secretary of State Pompeo claimed on Wednesday that he had proved to Congress that Hong Kong no longer has a high degree of autonomy and that the legal treatment of the United States before July 1997 is no longer applicable. He also hypocritically declared that “the United States stands with the people of Hong Kong.” The report said that the US government will announce “sanctions” against China ’s Hong Kong-related national security legislation as soon as possible, but Pompeo’s statement will not automatically trigger the United States to cancel Hong Kong ’s independent tariff status.

The “Hong Kong Battle” between China and the United States has already begun. The United States is aggressive, but there is only one substantive means that can have an overall impact. That is, to cancel Hong Kong’s independent tariff status and treat Hong Kong as the mainland of China. This is another double-edged sword that will simultaneously hit a large number of American companies and seriously affect US exports to Hong Kong.

The overall situation of the “Hong Kong Battle” between China and the United States is that China has the actual initiative. Although the United States can destroy the environment in Hong Kong from the outside, its effect is limited. After the adoption of the National Security Law, the ability of the United States to directly intervene in the situation in Hong Kong will be greatly suppressed. How the situation in Hong Kong will go next, and how the city will continue to create prosperity, will be independently shaped by the people of Hong Kong with the help of the country.

Over time, the United States regards Hong Kong as a chess piece against Beijing. Once it does not work then it will reveal its true face of being an enemy to the people of Hong Kong gradually. The more the United States imposes sanctions on Hong Kong, the more the interests of the people of Hong Kong are tied to the entire country, which forms a pattern of honor and disgrace between Hong Kong and the motherland. The National Security Law and the wrong actions of the United States will jointly reconstruct the public opinion in Hong Kong. It is a general trend that the national betrayal will lose its space for arrogance and chaos in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong will stabilize eventually and continues its role as a financial center to explore a more promising future. The huge Chinese economy volume and the gradual completion of the system have sufficient conditions to support the world’s financial centers. That there are financial centers in Chinese cities is definitely not a gift from the US. It is a position earned by the Chinese themselves. It can be said that on the coastline of China, once we determine where the financial center is, no one can sabotage the rights and fortune there.

The United States has never given Hong Kong any special benefits. In the past, Hong Kong’s function as a financial center also lies in its ingenious release of the unique advantages of backing to the mainland and being the best communicator between China and the West. If the United States insists on “decoupling” from China, it will never particularly grudge Hong Kong.

Stirring up chaos in Hong Kong is the beginning of US poisoning the city.

Before the existence of National Security Law, evil forces tried to impact the relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland. After the National Security Law is passed, the United States “turned its face against” Hong Kong. The deterioration of Sino-US relations will be reflected here in Hong Kong anyway. Hong Kong must change its ways and enrich its own way of maintaining prosperity.

The US is not the whole world and not even the whole western world. As long as Hong Kong stabilizes again, with the help of the country and its high degree of autonomy, its development will only be better the past. Look at Shanghai and Shenzhen and their great achievement. From the inside of the country, Hong Kong has the same starting line and from outside of the country, it has a more open sources. Therefore, there is no reason why it would fall on the way to its prosperity simply because  of America making things hard for it. The US does not possess such a great power.

Just let Washington yell and scream, its sanction is just as bluffing as shaking foam out of half of a glass of bear. We are glad to see that a large number of organizations and institutes in Hong Kong together with business leaders are supporting the National Security Law vocally yet those aggressive protestors are far less serious than someone has boasted. Internationally, Washington’s response is far from the scale it hopes to achieve. All of this tell us that the national security legislation concerning Hong Kong has actually taken a very proactive first step.

Hong Kong ’s high degree of autonomy requires the protection of the National Security Law. Washington simply has no the power to define what Hong Kong ’s high degree of autonomy is. The US has made a rash judgment on its role before the National Security Law in the Port Area has been worked out. What has been exposed is that Washington wants to make the “Hong Kong Battle” a big round of the game against China. Well then, the Chinese are waiting for you to move.

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source:  https://news.163.com/20/0529/00/FDON7CUB0001899O.html

Translation: Seamoon

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