Opinion: CCP portraits an abandoned Hong Kong for global expansion

Author : ILoveJustice(HKer)

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is preparing for the financial crisis by listing the Chinese companies in the security markets in Macao (MOX) and downplaying the importance of the United States investment in Hong Kong. The looming financial tsunami spurs the exodus of both funds and human resources in the waterfront cosmopolis—CCP plans to take over an abandoned Hong Kong by smashing everything valuable for the “full control” over the place.

Insiders revealed that Charles Li Xiaojia, the incumbent chief executive of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd who announced to step down in 2021, is to be nominated as the head of MOX. Last December, when the street protests in Hong Kong frustrated the authorities in Beijing, Chairman Xi Jinping visited Macao and announced the plan to turn the city into another financial center as a substitute for Hong Kong. Xi’s visit was a formal announcement of CCP’s plan of systematically destroying Hong Kong, the possible nomination of Charles Li in MOX shows that Beijing moves further to abandon Hong Kong. The message was leaked a week before the US revoking the city’s preferential treatment.

Charles Li Xiaojia was said to be chief executive of MOX (Source: Ming Pao)

The US’s striping Hong Kong’s special privileges generates the exodus of funds. Residents are also reported to “flee away” from the CCP’s tyranny. Although the exodus of funds is real, the exodus of Hongkongers has been greatly exaggerated.

The first media who reported the escalation of emigration inquiries was “Hong Kong 01”, a notorious CCP-funded news organization pretended to be an “independent” local media. Reporters of various media found out that many of their interviewees voiced the intention to stay and fight against the tyranny. Hongkongers want to wise up the world that migration is not the solution, terminating CCP regime is the only way out of the impasse. LIHKG, the online platform, postulates that news of panic exodus might be CCP’s tactics to distract the public’s attention from the draconian National Security Legislation.

(Social Media Picture)

Hongkongers, after fighting against the CCP on the street for almost a year, have updated their demands of protest movement—Hong Kong independence. They hold that expelling the CCP out of their homeland is the only solution, and  “One Nation, One Hong Kong” becomes the new slogan of the movement. Some 67% participants in an on-line survey held earlier this week showed that they aspired “independence”, and the majority of the protesters welcomed the troop of the US.

(Photo by: Stand News)

Meanwhile, CCP tries its best to downplay the US investors’ economic influences in Hong Kong, saying they are rather marginal in Hong Kong highly diversified investment spectrum. According to Hong Kong-based Asia Weekly, although the US has been the city’s biggest trade partner for years, its investment took only 1.39% of the annual foreign investment in 2017. However, the figure is obviously misleading as it fails to reflect that the US companies, being the leaders in the pillar industries including finance and trade, have profound economic and social influences in the city.

The CCP headstrongly terminates the city’s autonomous status as well as its economy for global expansion. An editorial in Global Times clarified the regime’s far-fetching intention to incorporate Hong Kong. “Thanks to the National Security Legislation, the US interference will be fundamentally curtailed so that Beijing and ‘Hong Kong people’ can grasp the opportunity to make concerted efforts of shoving away foreign forces and reshaping Hong Kong into a new city”.

Hong Kong has already been a police state. (Source: social media)

Western politicians including Donald Trump believes that “new Hong Kong” that Beijing is expecting is “another mainland city like Shenzhen or Shanghai”. But the fact is more than that. Being another Shanghai is half of the story, Beijing means to turn Hong Kong into a police state, or a concentration camp in the 21st century, to fulfill its expansion strategy of eroding the free world. If the world lost Hong Kong, cities and regions would fall into the control of Beijing dictators. The entire humanity is at stake.

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