Miles: USA’s actions to punish CCP

Summary: 老姜

May 29

Per my source from the U.S. government, pretty soon, it will monitor and repatriate those Chinese students in the U.S., who have associations with the CCP and its officials, at any level. I sincerely hope and remind those students who plan to continue their studies in the U.S. to stand up,come out and support our Whistleblow Movement (e.g. to donate Rule of Law Foundation) to save themselves,save China at this critical moment.

Next, Hong Kong officials and the economy will be subjected to full sanctions from the U.S., including Hong Kong dollars, trade with the U.S., those pro-communist enterprises, and people. The upcoming sanctions and review of CCP officials and their family members will happen globally. Unfortunately, some innocent Chinese may be affected. The world-renowned AI expert, Dr. Li Feifei, her career is finished. She has made special “contributions” in assisting CCP, suppressing our Whistleblow Movement, and supporting CCP’s initiatives. Dr. Robin Li’s Baidu will be delisted from the US stock market for assisting and cooperating with CCP for a long time.

If the CCP dares to take any action against Taiwan and in the South China Sea, the US counterattack will be more aggressive than that of the beheading action against terrorism. For those who got bought by the CCP in the U.S. Treasury Department, and during the China-US trade negotiations, the CCP spies in the Voice of America, those who have been CCP agents in the United States for many years, the fake Chinese democratic movement promoters, and the fake political asylum seekers, this time, the U.S. government will drain them all by law accordingly.

The Democrats and Republicans have reached an agreement. Base on a comprehensive assessment, the U.S. government decided either CCP will surrender within three months, cooperating with the United States to investigate the facts of the CCP virus, tearing down the Internet firewall, or face its death penalty under the U.S. power from all over the places. The U.S. government is fully aware of CCP’s plan to build biochemical weapons bases in Iran and Cuba, and organize more than 50 countries to disrupt the United States’ efforts for CCP virus investigation, and infiltrate the United States to disturb the presidential election. It will not only be a daydream for the CCP, but also a nightmare for its survival.

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