CCP Conceals the Truth Behind the Mysterious Death of A Nurse Who Fought in Wuhan

Author: 文鼎

Edited by: Justice After All (正义之师)

文本框: Liang’s Mom told a news reporter that her daughter’s memorial service would be hosted in Nanning, her hometown on 29 of May.

A nurse from Guangxi who supported the fight in Wuhan against coronavirus passed away after 3 months in coma, and the unspecified reason of her death has raised many questions.

On May 26, 2020, the health commission of Guangxi issued an announcement that raised many doubts. Liang Xiaoxia, a nurse who assisted the fight against coronavirus in Wuhan, was declared dead after three months of being in coma. According to the news, Liang Xiaoxia suddenly fainted and crashed at work on the morning of February 28, 2020, and she was transferred to Guangxi on March 30 for “further treatment”. She died two months later after the transfer.

     In this news brief, it was not clearly stated why Liang Xiaoxia suddenly fainted at work, and no further information of her treatment was disclosed either (we understand the needs of respecting someone’s privacy). It has raised many netizens’ questions though because she was promoted on media before due to her heroic actions. She had become a public figure and her health had been in the thoughts of the general public. Was she overworked in fighting the pandemic? Was she infected with the virus? To the worst and wildest scenario, when rescuing the patients, did Liang Xiaoxia accidentally discover the secret of the origin of the virus or get a grip of some information that she was not supposed to know, and it had led to her tragedy? Some netizens questioned that the medical facilities in Wuhan are much more advanced than those in Guangxi. The epidemic situation in Wuhan was claimed to be under total control by CCP around March 30. Why did they send her back to Guangxi where the resources for medical care were more scarce?

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China, there has been an overwhelming amount of reports regarding the deaths of nurses who supported in fighting the virus in Wuhan. Most of them were in their 20s or 30s. In addition to the ineffective way of CCP’s handling of the virus, many medical care professionals had died from “unknown reasons”. One cannot help wondering whether the CCP intended to conceal the truth of their deaths by giving the public an ambiguous answer, as this fits into CCP’s typical behavior pattern. CCP’s arrogance and ignorance has been the culprit of the tragedy of the nurses and doctors in Wuhan. Along with Mr. Pompeo’s statement that “enormous evidence” links the Wuhan Institute of virology to COVID-19 outbreak and Pres. Trump’s anguish that “the virus could have been stopped in China, but they didn’t”, CCP owes the whole world an answer, including those broken families who lost their sons or daughters as healthcare workers who flighted in the very front line of the COVID-19!

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