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      On May 28, Li Keqiang stated at a press conference of NPC that “China’s per capita net income is 30,000 yuan, but 600 million people earn 1,000 yuan a month. It may be difficult to rent a house for 1,000 yuan in a medium-sized city, and now there is the coronavirus.” We have to take into account that this is a fluffed number under CCP’s control already.

      Interestingly, the “Emperor” Xi Jinping proposed in November 2015 that the historically limited all poverty-stricken areas and petite poverty population will allow its society to enter an overall “well-off society” in 2020; In the New Year of 2018, he asserted that China would

“get rid of poverty” in 2020. 

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Additionally, the number is very different from the statistics of the CCP propaganda in the past few years. In January this year, CCP’s state media also announced that China’s per capita GDP in 2019 will exceed US $ 10,000. Who is lying here? In late April, the advanced research group of CCP published an article in “China Finance” that China’s urban households have a total assets of 3.179 million yuan per household and 1.5 properties per household, of which 40% have two properties. One twitter user ridiculed that these figures only reflect the gap between the rich and the poor in China, and most residents are “averaged”.

      The so-called poverty is a false proposition in China. The Chinese are not supposed to be poor, but the wealth that the hardworking and intelligent Chinese people deserve is all ripped off by the CCP kleptocrats by various means, so they are forced to struggle in poverty as victims of brutal robbery. However, CCP rulers advocate that they have the spirit of “serving the people wholeheartedly.” CCP wants to buy global influence, dominance and popularity with money. CCP generously and unilaterally donated 60 billion US dollars to Africa, and 2 billion US dollars to the World Health Organization, without asking any tax-payers or following any protocols in China. Those money are more than enough to improve the living conditions of the Chinese people especially those in poverty.

One twitter user posted, “All of them have been misled by the media or propaganda tools. I have had the illusion all these years. The monthly income of 600 million people is 1,000 yuan. I don’t know if the so-called rise of great powers has anything to do with these people.”

      Li Keqiang’s words reveal the tip of the iceberg regarding the truth of China’s economy or GDP. “Chinese Dream” will be forever just a dream that you can never fulfill if we do not get rid of CCP, the parasite and bloodsucker that is draining and killing the innocent Chinese people!   




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