Flowers, Guardians, or Bullies?—Shocking School Violence under the CCP Regime

Translated by: RD16 (2020/05/29)

As the ongoing pandemic pulling more families into distress, the schools in Huanghua, Hebei province announced the return-to-school order under the government’s one-size-fits-all policy. As if things were not bad enough, a tragic news found its way to a family – a junior high student requested a leave of absence to stay at home, but later he was found dead at home. It appeared she had committed suicide.

The father recalled, devastatingly, that his daughter had long been a target of school bullying by classmates, such as being jabbed by compasses and beaten up by benches. Ever since last November (2019), she had been suffering from severe insomnia and waking up from nightmares shivering. Given that the school officials refused to intervene or take any action, out of despair, the father put up a banner right outside of the school, in the hope of drawing attention from the pertinent local authorities. But his heartbroken tears had been proven yet another protest in vain.

In Jiading, Shanghai last November, a student finally succumbed to the prolonged abuse of campus harassment, and decided to take his own life by drinking pesticide. Upon investigation of the incident, it was discovered that a teacher from the same school definitely bore responsibilities to a large extent. In another similar dreadful event in December, it was actually a teacher’s violent treatment that had pushed a 12-year-old boy to the brink, leaving the boy to end his own tender life with a noose.

Tragically, the list goes on and on…Under the CCP regime, incidents of school violence like this have been popping up incessantly, despite that the local governments have been touting their success in cracking down violence and purifying the campus environment. Those are more of a “dog and pony show”, are pledges never meant to be backed up by any meaningful actions.

Putting aside the total numbers of such suicides, equally unsettling is the fact that many more young kids have to resort to forbearing and compromising with the very harmful sources. Diving a bit deeper into this litany of misfortunes, all root causes point to the same direction – the lack or complete absence of fair and supportive mechanism in the school system and the society. Unlike that in the west, distressed kids may seek help from school counseling and confidential services, and even legal assistance may be provided by local government agencies. Under the CCP regime, it’s become so “advantageous” that the schools and the local government agencies collude together in the name of maintaining a “harmonious” society, aka, covering up or deflecting “troubles” for the rich and powerful.

In order to be “allowed” to set foot in school activities, many students from ordinary or under-privileged families feel defenseless, who have no other means but to forbear. Whether the “coping” method is forbearance or suicide, campus violence undoubtedly has cast a dark shadow on many children and families’ hearts, not only to the surviving victims, but also to those not directly involved…

1. School dormitory – a teenage girl was being kicked around and beaten up by 2 other girls of similar age. By the way she was pushed to the ground, physical injuries (including head) were very likely to be inflicted. The girl was defenseless and so frightened, and yet she might not even dare to confide in her parents and teacher…

2. Campus playground – A boy (preteen or teen) was kicked harshly by 4 or 5 boys, while several other bystanders watching. After seeing the boy was attacked from behind and fell to the ground, unable to get up, other boys wasted no time and shamelessly threw in a few more kicks… This hideous scene reminds people of that from Cultural Revolution documentaries – the bullying kids were so readily to take advantage of others especially when they at their weakest moment; there is no concept of right and wrong! Yet another damning character of brainwashing education under the CCP regime.1.00

3. Cornered into a dark obscure area, a girl in school uniform was seen helpless with her arms embracing her body. A few other girls lined up and took turns to slap at the girl’s face and kick onto her upper body, while spewing out curse words!

4. A grove park in Guangxi – one student lying on the ground almost in fetus position, with his hands covering up his head. A group of students were brutally beating him up with objects, kicking, or even leaping onto him. Imagining the injuries inflicted to the boy physically and mentally, it sends chills down your spine!!

5. A restaurant – a girl curled up sitting beside a table, another girl in school uniform lashed out on her with an object followed by two other boys literally smashing plastic chairs at the girl sitting; some chairs were seen broken into pieces. It was speculated that there were some disputes between the two girls earlier, out of revenge, one girl called up 2 boys for help to set the score “right”. The school violence outside the campus is getting more unscrupulous, and cruel. Under the CCP regime, boys or young guys are not taught that it is a utter shame physically beating up girls or women, instead, it is deemed as “glorified” power.

School violence knows no boundaries – it can widely spread like a plaque from campus to the beyond. Under the CCP regime’s rule of jungle, the group-style (or gangster-style) attacks have become a way to demonstrate power. This is exactly the same way how CCP conquers the country by fighting and bullying, and hence ruling 1.4 billion people while infringing on other countries around the world.

On the other hand, people do not have a sense of security as there is no social safety net except for the very privileged few. On top of that, over the decades, the stringent exam-oriented education system has played a big role in shaping children’s personality, deformed and insecure. These characteristic flaws make young kids more susceptible to becoming more extreme, even leading to take actions like suicide.

Moreover, school violence does not just limit to peer students, sometimes teachers could be perpetrators too.
1. Kindergartens – a series of clips: groups of toddlers were seen sitting, feeling intimidated by their supposedly guardians – the teachers. The teachers were seen shouting, hitting kids with objects, sometimes violently. Under the CCP regime, aren’t the teacher not bound by rules and orders?

2. Teenagers may not escape from the abuse of bad teachers. Knowing that they hold the power of grading and judging the students, some disgruntled teachers do not really nurture and inspire as described in their job duties, rather they use students as an outlet for venting their pent-up resentments induced by their unjust superiors.

In mainland China, people fondly refer to children as the “flowers of the motherland”, while teachers as the very “guardians of the flowers”. Ironically, what we have witnessed from the above tells a very different story, let alone when we think about how the Chinese Communist Party treated the students in the Tiananmen incident, and the students who have perished in the Anti-Send-back-to-Mainland movement.

The students and teachers with the bullying demeanor unfortunately are the very victims of the CCP ’s brainwashing system as well. The Red Guards ideology has deeply taken roots into lots of Chinese youngsters’ mind. Those taken the abuse may never heal physically and more so mentally for the rest of their lives.

Flowers, guardians of the flowers, or, bullies? Sometimes it is so hard to tell them apart as this toxic ideology have polluted the minds of many. The duty is upon us to change this distorted CCP system, and give back to our children a clean environment where they can breathe freely, think independently, and grow healthily, and finally become constructive members of the society!

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May. 29, 2020