Brazil’s #Viva Taiwan vs. CCP’s War Wolf Diplomacy

By Sun

A letter, written in Portuguese, with a letterhead bearing the national emblem of People Republic of China and a heading of “The Embassy of the People Republic of China” was exposed on Twitter. Brazilian Congressman, Paul. Martino (Paulo Eduardo Martins) has exposed this letter on twitter, venting his frustration at the coercion of Chinese “War Wolf diplomacy”.

Translating from Portuguese the tweet says “A letter sent by the Chinese dictatorship embassy recommended the Brazilian parliamentarians to remain silent during the inauguration of the Taiwanese president. He says we can’t even congratulate the president. So, even though I’m late, I congratulate President Tsai Ing-wen on her inauguration.”

A reprint of an official document uploaded on the official Twitter on the 25th May.

A translation of the original letter sent by the Chinese Embassy

This original letter was not endorsed by the Ambassador to Brazil Yang Wanming in the official document. In diplomatic protocol, a letter between countries is signed off by an authorized official and usually not exposed to the public. But in this case, the congressman has just confronted China by doing so. Under the CCP’s practice, the Ambassador could be recalled and replaced. Indirectly, it has embarrassed the dictators in Beijing too.

The letter was dated on May 13th and it was not exposed until the May 26th, 2020. As soon as it came into light, it quickly detonated the resentment and dissatisfaction of Brazilian public opinion, and it was regarded as a typical CCP’s “War Wolf Diplomacy” speech. On the morning of 26th, a set of keywords “#VivaTaiwan” (Long live Taiwan) suddenly appeared on Twitter’s global trending search list, which then went straight to the number one spot in the world. In fact, the keyword originated from Brazil. Ironically, Brazil is one the largest countries in Latin America that have no diplomatic relations with Taiwan. Yet,  this incident has caused Brazilian to stand together with Taiwan, an indication of showing their displeasure against CCP. In addition, Brazilian has been frustrated at the recent political scene in Brazil while bearing the brunt of “CCP virus” outbreak. Thus, anti-CCP sentiment saw an uproar due to the widespread of the pandemic and the way the outbreak was handled by CCP. Therefore, aiming at CCP, Brazil’s netizens spontaneously launched a global popularity campaign of “Salute to Taiwan’s Democracy” and “Congratulations to President Tsai Ing-wen’s Inauguration”. Both President Tsai and Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs quickly noted the tweet and reciprocated with appreciation.


Similarly, there was another incident reported by Reuters on Feb 19th  that “Beijing threatened to retaliate against Czech companies with operations in China if the senior Czech lawmaker went ahead with a planned visit to Taiwan, according to a diplomatic letter seen by Reuters”. This senior Czech lawmaker was Jaroslav Kubera who was the Czech Senate speaker. SCMP reported that companies such as “vehicle maker Skoda, lender Home Credit Group, and musical instrument maker Petrof Pianos would suffer”. Kubera’s widow and daughter said the speaker received two threatening letters from the Chinese embassy and from the Czech presidential office cautioning him against visiting Taiwan.

Video interview at

Unlike Similar to the Brazilian letters, this harsh style of writing sends off clear signals of diplomatic intimidation and personal threats. Ketagalan Media reported that “Chinese ambassador Chien-Hung Zhang threatened Kubera not to make the trip to Taiwan again. According to Kuberova, her husband told her that if he insisted on visiting Taiwan, the Chinese ambassador claimed he could try to get Kubera replaced” at a Lunar New Year banquet organized by the Chinese Embassy on January 17. The threat has led to Kubera’s death, his family claimed.

CCP’s style of doing business is through threatening and the use of force. CCP media did not report any of these incidents. They are so accustomed to using threat and force against their own people, and it tries to apply the same mentality to the global community. However, the world is defying their dictatorship. CCP’s ruthless behaviors will bring the demise of itself soon.


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May. 29, 2020