Living in the Lie – How does CCP Brainwash in China EP 77

Date: May 28 2020

This series will show the news Chinese regular people watching every day. It includes top politic or living related hot topics mainland Chinese are caring about every day. Most of the contents are from Weibo, Wechat, Tencent News and other so called “CCP mainstream media”.

Please remember: They are almost all the resources mainland Chinese can see because of the firewall.

1. CCP News: Gao Fu, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, calls for reform of the disease control system: the key is that technical work is not subject to administrative interference.

Personal view and notes: Based on this article, there is a solid evidence that all technical work are under CCP’s control.

2. CCP News: It is necessary and urgent for the National People’s Congress to pass the legislation on Hong Kong’s national security

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that passing the National Security Law is good for Hong Kong.

3. CCP News: Behind the Meng Wanzhou incident is another political war launched by the United States.

Personal view and notes:  In this article, it mentions that Meng is a hostage in the China-US War and is detained by the United States running dog Canada. It says that the United States instructed Canada to detain Meng Wanzhou for unjustified reasons and to extradite Meng Wanzhou for trial; and it is an innocent injury to Meng Wanzhou, an unreasonable threat to Huawei, and a relentless blow to China’s high-tech industry.

4. CCP News: Li Keqiang: the average annual income of Chinese is 30,000 yuan, and 600 million people earn 1,000 yuan a month.

Li Keqiang is a Chinese politician who is the current Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

Personal view and notes: 1,000 yuan, equivalent to 140 dollars per month. This is just the CCP’s external figures. As we all know, the CCP’s figures are all fake and can not be trusted, the real data will be worse.

5. CCP News: Zhao Kezhi: Give full support to support the Hong Kong Police Force to stop violence and restore order, resolutely maintain Hong Kong ’s security and stability.

Zhao Kezhi is a Chinese politician and police officer, who is the current Minister and Party Committee Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security.

6. CCP News: Hong Kong thugs blocked roads and set fire, Hong Kong police arrested 396 people, including 180 students in a single day.

Personal view and notes: The CCP has constantly described Hong Kong students as terrorists.

7. CCP News: China-U.S. Decoupling soon? Li Keqiang: Just a few days ago, a U.S. company started construction in Wuhan

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that The business cooperation between China and the United States should follow the business rules; and the economy of China and the United States has not been easy, but both sides have benefited from it. In other words, the development of the United States is inseparable from China.

Reporter: Longwood

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