What are We Missing on the Entity List?

Author: 天池一老

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“The Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced it will add 24 governmental and commercial organizations to the Entity List for engaging in activities contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.”

“This action will prohibit the export, re-export, or in-country transfer of items subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) to these entities without Department of Commerce authorization.”

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However,  given the rising tensions between US and China on many fronts, it remains to be seen if this list will present any deterrence of the CCP from imposing real threats to the national security of the US and other countries, or just red herring, as openly mocked by two CCP insiders that “the longer the list goes, the clearer it means that Americans are clueless on what matters to us”, as translated from their comments posted in Chinese below:

Indeed, it is a billion-dollar question –

Why didn’t some prominent targets such as Baidu, Alibaba (and its Alipay), and Tencent, a.k.a. BAT, get included?

More elaborately, here is my call out:

Wake up, America! You are paying for this CCP propaganda to hurt Americans and the innocent Chinese.

Americans should feel shocked if presented with the mounting evidence that we have been lied to and victimized by what CCP has done against us, such as:

It is no secret that CCP likes to cover up any of their wrongdoings whenever exposed, including but not limited to the origin of COVID-19.

Don’t take my words. Verify this yourself: Enable your browser with the ability to translate Chinese text into English. Supply a Chinese search phrase of “新冠病毒源头”, which means “the origin of COVID-19”, to www.baidu.com, and you will find tons of claims that the COVID-19 comes from the US, and denials that CCP should be responsible for it!

For many years, Google and other internet search engines available in the world of democracy are blocked by the firewall in China; Baidu has been the only designated search engine by CCP which the average innocent Chinese are using to access information within the “localized” internet in China.

For decades, the innocent Chinese behind the CCP’s firewall are brainwashed into thinking that countries in the west, particularly America, have evil plots against China, even though America has had sincerely helped bringing China into the WTO, wishfully thinking that by enabling China to grow her economy over time she will transcribe to a true partner of scale so that she will further transcribe to freedom and well-being for the average Chinese population. All wishful thoughts are now proven deadly wrong and naive.

For ages, our fellow Americans have been unknowingly funding the growth of CCP that not only deprives the innocent Chinese of truthful information but also builds up an empire that gets more well equipped than ever to keep brainwashing their citizens with all kinds of fake news, seeding them with hatred and animosity against the Americans. The spreading of fake news that America is the culprit source of COVID-19 is just one incident out of countless many lies of CCP.

If you do not feel this as disgusting, take a look at the stock price of BAIDU at market close (5/26/2020), and the list of registered major holders of the stock, as posted to www.finance.com.

Apparently, we have many willing American buyers and sellers trading millions of shares of BAIDU above $108 per share today.

Apparently, besides some investors who love holding on to this stock, some American rule makers have allowed it to be categorized as a trustworthy company for inclusion into the portfolios of many mutual funds and stock indices which average Americans may not realize that their retirement fund has been indirectly paying the CCP to perpetuate their propaganda against the otherwise free will of the innocent Chinese, and supporting a ruthless regime that is anti-America, if not the whole world.

To all Americans who care and love our land of freedom, opportunities, and rule of law, please allow me to plead to your heart that

       We shall not continue to err on our part.

       The COVID-19 outbreak has sounded an awakening siren to us all!
       We need corrective actions!

Please do ourselves a favor by asking our congressman these questions –

       1. Why did we allow BAIDU, the sole search engine provided in China, to be listed in NASDAQ without requiring them to fulfill the transparency and audit requirements like other publicly-listed stocks?

       2. Why did we let the Wall Street just take the hard-earned money/retirement fund of our fellow Americans to fund this propaganda engine of CCP, indirectly helping them to secure their ironclad grip of power, allowing them to ruthlessly ruin the lives of the innocent Chinese, and now inflicting many American families and the rest of the world with tragic deaths and immense suffering from COVIT-19?

       3. Can you revoke all privilege that was granted to any CCP-controlled entities listed in the US stock exchanges as soon as possible?

       4. Can we enact new laws to ban the Wall Street firms from bringing such investments to the US and advise our allies to do so similarly?

According to Miles Guo, the leader of the Whistleblower Movement against CCP, there is blood in any money made from the investments of the CCP-controlled entities such as BAT, which provides CCP with the technologies infrastructure and AI-based surveillance systems to crack down on any dissidents as early as they emerged within China. There are so many innocent lives persecuted and so many tragic stories untold that the Americans can never imagine. While this short article cannot cover the severity and scope of such, readers can find out more from other postings in gnews.org.

[SOURCE] https://www.commerce.gov/news/press-releases/2020/05/comerce-department-add-two-dozen-chinese-companies-ties-wmd-and

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1 year ago

So you think the Entity List could be a red herring because it was “openly mocked by two CCP insiders that “the longer the list goes, the clearer it means that Americans are clueless on what matters to us”.”

Why should anyone believe that is what they truly think? Do you really expect them to admit the longer the Entity List grows, the more difficult for them to acquire needed imports from America?


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