Single Women? No Reproductive Rights for You!

By Yamap

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Professor Sun Wei from Department of Reproductive Biology of No.2 Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also a representative of the National People’s Congress, has submitted a proposal to ban egg-freezing treatment for single women in medical institutions going forward.

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In December 2019, Ms. Xu, a 31 year old single lady, lodged a lawsuit in Beijing against the local hospital on its refusal to provide oocyte cryopreservation (also known as egg-freezing) treatment upon her request. Despite ongoing disputes on this matter and any associated social and moral implications, Ms. Xu reckons it should be subject to any single women themselves to have assessments and make decisions in terms of their reproductive rights and the timeline for pregnancy.,x_71,y_0,w_757,h_499/watermark,g_7,image_d2F0ZXIvYmFpa2U5Mg==,xp_5,yp_5

In response to wide spread concerns upon this case, professor Sun has commented that apart from potential medical concerns given this treatment is not yet in a mature stage in China, egg-freezing treatment for single women is also in violation of current government regulations as only married females who are suffering from infertility with certain certificates in place as a proof are allowed to receive such treatment in qualified hospitals. From both a medical and legal perspective, Professor Sun has proposed such ban and she recommends marriage and pregnancy in the right age of Chinese citizens.

The question here is clear: Who is in ultimate control of women’s reproductive rights and timelines regardless of their marriage and age status in China? According to international research, there have been growing numbers of healthy young women going through egg-freezing process to secure a chance of giving birth in a later stage of their lives while at the same time single women will soon be ruled out of this treatment under such a discriminative proposal for population control purpose.

Over the years there have been a dramatic change of women’s lifestyle in the modern society and more and more young women, married or single, would like to consider delaying having kids to a later stage of their lives to either pursue professional career development or simply because they are not yet ready for family commitment without the right partner. On the other hand, the egg-freezing process could also help any women who will be undergoing medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, to preserve their eggs before the start of their treatments and avoid any negative impact from the medicines.

Back in 2014, global technology companies like Facebook and Apple have offered their employees the benefit of egg-freezing to assist young female workers to pursue various needs in accordance with their own agenda. In contrast, the CCP and its “representatives” have been cracking down on this basic human right and further pressuring on women to control their marriage and maternity within so-called traditional time frame under CCP’s ruling.

The Chinese civilians have been long treated as CCP’s own “assets” since their birth time and no basic human rights are respected and protected under such authoritarian government. It is the people who should enjoy their own reproductive rights and determine freely when they would like to give birth to their kids. The CCP should have acknowledged that women’s choices of life style and their desire are not always in line with its rules. Unfortunately this is one of the unspeakable pains that all the women have been going through for all these years.

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