Living in the Lie – How does CCP Brainwash in China EP 76

Date: May 27 2020

This series will show the news Chinese regular people watching every day. It includes top politic or living related hot topics mainland Chinese are caring about every day. Most of the contents are from Weibo, Wechat, Tencent News and other so called “CCP mainstream media”.

Please remember: They are almost all the resources mainland Chinese can see because of the firewall.

1. CCP News: The verdict of the Meng Wanzhou case was released! What does this mean?

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that this is what American anti-China political forces did and the CCP claims that engaging in Huawei through commercial crimes is more in line with the tastes of the US government.

2. CCP News: Global Times editor Hu Xijin: If the United States wants to sanction China, there are only a few cards left, and the era of threatening China is over.

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that now that the Beijing has promoted Hong Kong-related national security legislation, it means that Beijing is ready to respond in any way to Washington. The so-called sanctions in the United States are “decoupling”, which we have been prepared for. The ‘cards’ Hu Xijin mentioned are:

  1. As long as China maintains a strong nuclear deterrent and continuous improvement of its overall military strength, the United States will not dare to show a military showdown with us on the issue of China’s core interests.
  2. The core strengths of the United States are in several high-tech fields. China has been clear that we must make up for the shortcomings, and in the case of mobilizing the nation ’s power, I believe that those breakthroughs can be achieved.
  3. Another core advantage of the United States is financial hegemony. It can disturb some channels of China’s foreign relations. To put it bluntly, it makes us inconvenient. But doing so in the United States also damages the integrity of the financial system it controls.
  4. If the US triggers a financial war, it would be the same as the US cutting its own strength, plus who would be willing to give up such a strong market potential in China.

3. CCP News: Over 1.1 million Hong Kong citizens support National Security Legislation.

Personal view and notes: The figures published by the CCP media are just numbers for the CCP regime, and it has no meaning. As long as the CCP government is willing, there are as many numbers as you want, and there is no need to consider their authenticity. Since the Chinese Communist Party came into power, it has used lies to conceal the facts and repression to allow its regime to continue.

Hong Kong protests against Chinese extradition bill draw 1 million demonstrators on 9 Jun 2019 and a week later nearly two million people have taken part in a mass protest in Hong Kong against a controversial extradition bill again on 16 June 2019; however, the CCP medias in China said nothing.

4. CCP News: Xinjiang’s top-level deployment: China’s breakthrough in US strategic hegemony!

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that China’s Western Development will break America’s force to connect Middle East and Europe. There won’t be any problem for China.

5. CCP News: Take down the three islands of Taiwan with lightning speed, and chain the Taiwanese independence dog!

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that how the CCP will win the war with Taiwan and no one can stop it.

The CCP has never even thought about the life of the people.

6. CCP News: Recognize the situation! Reposition China-US Relations, Adjust Fighting Strategy.

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that from the founding of China to the early 1970s, the United States and its allies have imposed a full-scale blockade and siege of China on politics, military, technology, and trade. During the Korean War and the Vietnam War, the United States was China’s most vicious enemy. In other words, every Chinese should be ready to fight against the United States.

7. CCP News: Violent offences occurred in many places in Hong Kong, police arrested more than 360 people.

Personal view and notes: The vicious law against Hong Kong has been passed, and the CCP can arrest people in Hong Kong more recklessly.

8. CCP News: Tweeted with “Fact Check” label, Trump threatened to shut down social platform.

Personal view and notes: The CCP describes Trump as a dictator and anything that makes Trump unhappy, Trump will make them disappear.

I think this is the logic of the CCP, not Trump’s. Because of the totalitarian rule of the CCP, no one dares to tell the truth. In China, there is always only one voice, that is, you can only say what the party wants to hear. For anything that the party doesn’t want to hear, people have only two options, either shut up or go to jail.

9. CCP News: Is the property tax really coming? Will house prices fall as a result?

Personal view and notes: In China, no one really owns their own house. Residential housing has 70 years of use, commercial housing has 40 years of use. In other words, when you buy a house, you just buy 70 years of use. During this period, the CCP can levy more taxes through laws.

Reporter: Longwood

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