Meng Wanzhou’s extradition to US will proceed, Canadian judge ruled

A Canadian judge ruled on Wednesday that the extradition case against China’s Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou can proceed.

According to the ruling, the case of Meng meets the Canadian extradition standard of the so-called “double criminality.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Tuesday urged Canada to immediately correct its mistake, release Meng and ensure her safe return to China. The United States and Canada abused their bilateral extradition treaty and arbitrarily took compulsory measures against a Chinese citizen without cause, Zhao said. “This is a serious political incident that grossly violates the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese citizen.”

Meng Wenzhou is Huawei’s executive and the daughter of Huawei’s founder Ren Zhenfei. Huawei is the Chinese military deployed globally as part of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare against the West.

The CCP media was spreading fake news saying that Meng Wanzhou was set free by the Canadian Court

The fake news was withdrawn and appology issued. The cause of the mistake was “mis-handling”.

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1 year ago

When I click the beauty to enter this post to see bigger and more detailed picture of Meng Wanzhou but there turns out to be nothing…………..Tricky poster. ^_^LMAO


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May. 27, 2020