Pompeo: Hong Kong is no longer autonomous; HK police: arrest Americans in retaliation

US Secretary of State Pompeo announced on Wednesday that he has reported to Congress that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China. The “Security Law” to be forced upon Hongkongers by the Chinese Communist Party is a death sentence to Hong Kong’s autonomy.

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act that Trump signed into law last year requires the State Department’s assessment of Hong Kong’s autonomy. This will lead to the revocation of Hong Kong’s special trade status.

Here is the link to the statement:


Secretary of State Michael Pompeo’s announcement regarding Hong Kong

PRC National People’s Congress Proposal on Hong Kong National Security Legislation

U.S. government’s impending sanctions on Chinese officials and firms over Hong Kong

Chinese dissident Miles Guo first broke the news a few days ago during his live broadcast by saying that multiple government workgroups have been preparing for the sanctions against the top Chinese kleptocrats and companies. Mainland Chinese stocks will be delisted from the U.S. stock exchanges as the US is moving towards decoupling with the CCP.

Mr. Guo said that the US officials told him that the sanction and asset freeze were expected to take effect in August. But Mr. Guo told them that the US acted too slowly, because the CCP has already transferred their assets elsewhere. Mr. Guo also said that the US should have revoked Hong Kong’s special trade status last year, a significant step that could have saved thousands of lives in Hong Kong.

Bloomberg report on the impending sanction on May 26:


Hong Kong justice chief said that SAR is “obliged” to legislate on national security

National security legislation falls well within the remit of the central government, said Hong Kong Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah on Wednesday.

The special administrative region is constitutionally obligated under the Basic law to safeguard national security, she added.

Hong Kong pro-Beijing policeman threatens to take Americans hostage for imposing sanction

The image above is the English translation of this Hong Kong policeman’s Weibo post, which threatens to take Americans living in Hong Kong hostage in retaliation if the US imposes sanctions on Hong Kong for passing the “Security Law”.

This policeman Lau Cha Kei was highly rewarded by Beijing for this brutality against the Hong Kong protestors. He became the most publicized and well known pro-Beijing policeman with a large number of followers on Weibo.

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May. 27, 2020