Living in the Lie – How does CCP Brainwash in China EP 75

Date: May 26 2020

This series will show the news Chinese regular people watching every day. It includes top politic or living related hot topics mainland Chinese are caring about every day. Most of the contents are from Weibo, Wechat, Tencent News and other so called “CCP mainstream media”.

Please remember: They are almost all the resources mainland Chinese can see because of the firewall.

1. CCP News: Hong Kong police arrested 193 suspects involved in riots and other crimes, the youngest is only 12 years old.

Personal view and notes: The Chinese Communist Party is arresting more brave Hong Kong people in order to pass their evil laws. In this article, the CCP claims that they have arrested 30 minors. The crisis in Hong Kong is already so serious that international assistance is urgently needed.

2. CCP News: Commander of the Force in Hong Kong stated: firmly support the NPC’s decision to on Hong Kong.

Personal view and notes: The CCP claims that the military will suppress the “rioters” at all costs to ensure that Hong Kong ’s security laws are enforced.

The CCP is a demon and wants to devour Hong Kong’s democracy, rule of law and freedom. The people of Hong Kong are in great danger.

3. CCP News: Trump seen shaking when he attended Memorial Day event

Personal view and notes:  The article satirizes that Trump is in poor health and may be sick.

4. CCP News: Trump wants G7 leaders to risk their lives to participate in the G7 meeting in the United States. What does he really want?

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that the G7 leaders will face great danger if they go to the United States for the upcoming meeting; simply because the United States is the worst place during the pandemic. In addition, it also says that Trump wants more countries to oppose China in the meeting.

5. CCP News: People’s Daily: Taking advantage of the riots in Hong Kong, Tsai Ing-wen, you won’t succeed.

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen is a shameless person, she just wants to gain more political benefits by using the Hong Kong issue.

6. CCP News: Finally, because the United States, the Chinese company lost this contract

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that the actions of the U.S. government are all anti-China actions. Due to the suppression of the United States, China did not receive Israel’s “Middle East Seawater Desalination Project.”

According to the logic of the CCP, the CCP will never make any mistakes, it’s always someone else’s fault.

7. CCP News: Interference in Hong Kong is here, but it is different from what we thought.

Personal view and notes:  In this article, CCP tries to tell people that the United States, Britain and Taiwan are using the Hong Kong issue to attack China; however, they will not succeed as the CCP will pass the National Security Law without any problems.

8. CCP News: Famous American writer: Coronavirus epidemic crisis is the failure of American democracy.

Personal view and notes:  The so-called American best-selling author is David Litt, a speech writer of former US President Barack Obama, and said that the United States was too slow in implementing the “social isolation” guidelines and this has resulted in 90% of deaths from the virus in the United States.

So far, 351,000 innocent people worldwide have died from coronavirus. However, who is the real murderer? The answer is very obvious, it is the CCP! It’s all started as the CCP covered up the epidemic in the early days and let 5 million people leave Hubei when the outbreak occurred. We all now know that the CCP has concealed the truth about human-to-human transmission and forced the WHO to lie, resulting in missing the best time to control the epidemic.

Reporter: Longwood

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