Viva Taiwan: Brazilians’s defiance of the CCP

According to UDN, the hashtag #VivaTaiwan became a global top trending item Tuesday morning (May 26), as a direct response to a CCP letter demanding that Brazilian lawmakers refrain from congratulating or acknowledging Tsai’s inauguration on May 20.

It was sparked by a Tweet from Brazilian Congressman Paulo Eduard Martins:

Translation of Paulo Eduardo Martins’ tweet:

In a letter, the Chinese dictatorship embassy recommended the silence of Brazilian parliamentarians regarding the inauguration of the Taiwanese president. An affront. He says we can’t even congratulate the president. So, even though I’m late, I congratulate President Tsai Ing-wen on her inauguration.

Brazillian’s defiance of the CCP

Brazilian netizens, who have left comments in support of the island nation. The comments include: “Taiwan is free and democratic while China is ignorant and cruel,” “Hopefully Taiwan will be able to establish its embassy in Brazil,” and “Taiwan should rid itself of control from the CCP and the evil communists,” according to Liberty Times.

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May. 27, 2020