Demosistō’s ‘Self-Help’ Masks Confiscated by HK Customs

On May 22, the Customs and Excise Department arrested Demosistō member Tobias Leung on the grounds of violating the “Commodity Description Ordinance” and searched the association’s office.

Demosistō announced on 10 April that it had purchased more than 1 million masks which were distributed to ‘yellow’ shops as “self help mask kits” at cost price for HK$100 per box.

The Customs said that if the masks were produced in Hong Kong or Taiwan, they might not meet the “Not Made in China” marking on the package. It also said the label “two straits, three-places” may violate the law. The Customs seized 935 boxes of masks (32,725 masks) from Demosistō, costing approximately HK$93,500.

After Beijing’s plan to push draconian laws in Hong Kong, an impending storm is brewing over Hong Kong. “At this time, the customs is loyal to the CCp, and sudden prosecutions are suppressing everything and everyone.”

Source: Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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May. 26, 2020