Miles: CCP spends four billion USD to stop our June 4th event!

Summary: 老姜

May 25

In order to prevent and destroy the Global June 4th Memorial of the Tiananmen Massacre, that we have been planning for so long, the CCP allocated 4 billion US dollars as a special budget, $2 billion for oversea suppression activities, covering from U.S., Japan, Australia to Canada, etc., allowing its oversea crack-down team to conduct so-called “Internet Cleanup Operations”. $2 billion in various Chinese provinces and cities, for a similar purpose: stop GTV live broadcasting as well as the associated Twitter activities. Comparing to CCP’s own 70-year “National Day” budget as only $500 million, we can tell that CCP takes our June 4th Memorial event really seriously with thanatophobia syndrome.1

The status of Hong Kong’s Free Trade Zone will surely be stripped off by the U.S., yet it does not mean that the Hong Kong dollar will fall with decoupling from the US dollar. Only when the Hong Kong dollar is decoupled from the US dollar, it will result in the plunge of the Hong Kong dollar. As long as the Hong Kong dollar is decoupled from the US dollar, the CCP will be finished, financially.

Chinese traditional medicine definitely has its own unique value to human health. However, under the rule of CCP, both Chinese medicine, and traditional Chinese pharmacy were all ruined.

For Hong Kong’s freedom: Anyone who has an opportunity and a conscience shall speak for Hong Kong. Our Whistleblower Movement, Rule of Law Foundation and the Rule of Law Society will do everything in our power to help Hong Kong. Our allies in Washington are making tremendous progress. In the case of Hong Kong, We will win BIG, and people of Hong Kong will definitely win! Free Hong Kong!!

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May. 26, 2020