Police Fire Pepper Pellets at HK Civilians and Injure them in the Bone

In the evening of May 24, Riot police rushed to the Canal Road Flyover to disperse Hong Kong citizens who were singing and chanting.

Police attacked civilians with pepper-spray pellets so harshly that bone could be seen from the wound.

Police sought help from first-aiders immediately but only let one enter the area to treat the victim.

After simple bandage was applied, the victim was, however, brought on a police car, instead of an ambulance. Blood were left behind at the scene.

Photo credit: Stand News

According to InMedia, one woman who was arrested by the police was carrying toilet paper rolls. Police refused to listen to her explanation that she did not participate in any protest. She was arrested with 8 other people at a dark corner.

After the police left, blood stain and scattered personal belongings were left at the scene.

Source: Stand News; InMedia

Contributor: GM02

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May. 25, 2020