Xinhua Times Commentary: Western Anti-China Forces Attacking “National Security Laws” Revealing Their True intentions of the Chaos in Hong Kong

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[Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, May 23]-The necessary act of plugging loopholes in Hong Kong’s national security laws and effectively safeguarding national sovereignty security was once again discredited by various anti-China forces with ulterior motives. Not only did they use the so-called “universal value” to justify extreme violations of the law, but they also interfered in China’s internal affairs and stigmatized their efforts to maintain “One Country, Two Systems” and Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. Behind the logic to confuse black and white, it is revealed that they are behind the chaos in Hong Kong.

The Third Session of the 13th National People’s Congress reviewed the “Decision of the National People’s Congress on Establishing and Improving the Legal System and Enforcement Mechanism of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to Maintain National Security (Draft)”, which fully embodies the strong will and firm determination of the central government to maintain national security. However, in response to this serious decision to grant power under the Constitution, some Western countries and politicians have also launched their usual framing model –the false claim that the Chinese approach will be the ” Death bell ” of Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, and “undermine” the “One Country, Two Systems” principle. It is a “full attack” on Hong Kong’s autonomy. It will “weaken” Hong Kong’s legal status and hope that China “respects” Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms…

Like countless accusations against Hong Kong-related affairs, Western anti-China forces have always proceeded from their own political needs and fabricated various ridiculous reasons to attack China, but turned a blind eye to the crises facing Hong Kong society. Although its own legal system to maintain national security is so overloaded, but it has deliberately avoided illegal evils such as “Black violence” and “scrambles”,  and has done everything it can to encourage inappropriate behaviors. Their remarks have completely departed from facts and legal principles and have no credibility.

What’s more, Western anti-China forces directly colluded with the anti-China chaotic activists of Hong Kong to strike the bottom line of the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” in an attempt to achieve the so-called “color revolution.” Since the illegal “occupation of the Central” and “Amendment legislation”, the activities of “Hong Kong independence” and local radical activities have become more rampant, and they have publicly advocated “Hong Kong independence”, “Free Hong Kong ” and other claims, clamoring for “armed statehood” and “square constitution”. Continuing to escalate violent terrorist activities, undermine Hong Kong’s homeland security, political security and public safety, threaten the rule of law and the lives and property of Hong Kong citizens. Behind all these chaos, there is a clear figure of Western anti-China forces, and they have an inescapable responsibility for this.

For some time, the top level of the US government and Congress have moved from behind the scenes to the front desk, frequently finger-pointing and inflaming Hong Kong affairs, openly exerting pressure on the Chinese government and the Hong Kong SAR government, and supporting the opposition to provide an umbrella. In particular, the US signed the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act” into law last November, marking its further escalation of its intervention in Hong Kong affairs, attempting to institutionalize and normalize intervention in Hong Kong affairs through domestic law, and in order to use the Hong Kong issue to provide new chips to contain China’s development. “Taiwan independence” and “Hong Kong independence” have also joined together, and they have become one of the destructive forces that endangered national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In response to the increasingly provocative and infiltration of external forces, one of the important targets of the Hong Kong SAR’s national security legislation is precisely the activities of foreign and foreign forces interfering in the affairs of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Chinese government will continue to protect the lawful interests of various countries in Hong Kong and the lawful interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong according to law, but it will never allow Hong Kong to be regarded as an independent and semi-independent political entity, as well as those that divide, subvert, infiltrate and destroy the mainland Bridgehead, wantonly interfere in China’s internal affairs. The Chinese government’s determination to oppose any external forces to interfere in Hong Kong affairs is unwavering.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an inseparable part of the People ’s Republic of China. Maintaining national security is a “mandatory question” rather than a “multiple choice question”. In fact, only by safeguarding national security can the well-being and interests of more than 7 million Hong Kong citizens be solidly protected, and Hong Kong society can really start again in a stable and harmonious environment. When “Black violence” and “scrambles” put “One Country, Two Systems” at risk of derailment, people in Hong Kong are eager for peace and stability. At the national level, they have established and perfected a legal system and enforcement mechanism for the maintenance of national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and united the people of Hong Kong, continuing to inject powerful forces and advise certain Western countries and their politicians to exercise caution and earnestness. It is critical to respect the “One Country, Two Systems” principle bottom line– respect China’s efforts to maintain national security in Hong Kong according to law, and never become a destructor of China’s national security and a “stumbling block” for Hong Kong’s prosperity and development .

Source: ChinaNews

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