May 2020: Last chance for Hong Kong, final chance for civilized world

Author : ILoveJustice(HKer)

If you had an iPhone and happened to appear in Causeway Bay today (May 24, 2020), you would receive some Airdrops information encouraging you to join the mass demonstration: “Take to the street despite the fear—it is the last chance!”

Each time Hongkongers participated in a rally, no matter how peaceful and law-abiding it would be, they would treat it “the Last Chance” –getting prepared to be arrested, writing a will, or a statement of “having no intention to commit suicide”. The borrowed city is fighting against a thuggish Nazi-like regime with no arms at hand or tangible international support. The citizens protect their enshrined freedom with valor, wisdom, and strong wills. Hongkongers have taken their “Last Chance, Last Rally” for nearly a year, but the light at the end of the tunnel is still invisible, and there will always be another protest for them to take part in.


Hongkongers are running against time as their borrowed time of freedom is about to expire. The Chinese National Congress is to pass National Security Law next week, which means that Hong Kong will officially be a vulnerable prey of Communist Gestapos in the city. The surveillance in the international financial hub will transform the highly civilized place into a vast concentration camp like Xijiang where thousands of civilians have been treated inhumanity.

Chinese Communist Party has already committed crimes against humanity in the cosmopolis, even in front of the news outlets’ cameras throughout the world. The Hong Kong Police Force abused civilians, terrified reporters, mass arresting passers-by, shooting rubber bullets at children, and even stealing bottled-drinks at a convenience store. In other words, the majority of the city’s population name the Hong Kong Police Force as terrorists.

However, the terrorists HKPF alleged the armless civilians “rioters”. Some 180 citizens, including District Councilors, were arrested brutally, and some tortured inhumanly by the policemen.

Hongkongers remind the world of “David versus Goliath”. However, some 10,000 “Davids” have been killed, and some 8000 “Davids” have been arrested, raped, and tortured, the international committed should wise up that Goliath CCP does not only aim at Hong Kong, but also the world. CCP is no Goliath. Its ambition is to be the “king of kings”.

The “Last and Final Chance” is not for Hongkongers to resist the CCP tyranny; it is for the world as a whole. Should the international community fail to fight against the CCP on the issue of Hong Kong, humanity will be at risk. Take the Final Chance, or the civilized world will be finalized.

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May. 24, 2020