Guangzhou Flooding: CCP’s Disaster Management Failure

Author: YAMAP

It will probably be out of the blue if someone is asked to identify the linkage between the two pictures shown as below.

Interestingly, except for the photo shown on the left and a severe storm warning on CCP’s official website, media coverage on large scale of damage can barely be found anywhere else and the topic has been significantly downplayed by the government. Destructions caused by storms and flooding have only been unveiled by local residents via twitter.

It is a mystery to figure out the whereabouts of our “caring” government and officials and the reason for a lack of prompt response to such devastating disaster. One probable answer could be that the communist party and its puppets have been too preoccupied with the evil mission to crack down Hong Kong in its National People’s Congress, and clearly such flooding caused by Mother Nature is not worth their attention at all.

Unfortunately, the poor local residents are suffering from the pain in the absence of timely responses and comprehensive rescue plans. People have been stranded in the train station and immobilized by surrounding water. The local underground drainage systems have apparently been paralyzed by such overwhelming storms, resulting in flash flooding in most of the areas. Vehicles have submerged in the water and thousands of properties have either been damaged or completely destroyed by the storms, let alone significant impacts to daily life and huge losses to millions of families in the local community under such crisis.

Earlier in the year, the Chinese Communist Party sharply criticized the Australian government and its response to one of the most devastating bushfires in history. The Trump Administration has also been targeted for its responses to the hurricane disaster. At least the Australian and U.S governments took immediate actions and the local media had full coverage on the national crisis, while the communist government and its agencies have left its people in despair.

For decades the CCP has put the innocent Chinese people in bondage with no care for their livelihoods and welfares. CCP’s incompetence and ignorance has been completely unveiled no matter how it has been trying to manipulate people via its propaganda channels. When truths can no longer be covered up, the anger from its people will soon become the power to burn the regime down to the ground.

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May. 24, 2020