Text From Live Broadcast of Miles Guo on May 23

Miles talked about the May Fourth Movement. Watch the video: https://gtv.org//?videoid=5ec9257d4bdade3b740ddf77


It brought three consequences. What were these consequences? The country and regime in China at that time and the Grand President of China and other officials did start considering the rule of law and ethics. It did happen and produce a group of statesmen such as Lu Xun, Cai Yuanpei and Hu Shi, and Li Dadao who had an impact on a series of individuals such as Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai. It did open the country’s vision and connection towards the world. But what was the disastrous consequence? I will tell you today. Please remember, it brought the biggest dark force and hooligan, the Marxism, into China through the hatred and opposition to Japan as well as the return of the Shandong movement generated by nationalism. It is so sarcastic? Look at Mao Zedong, look at Zhou Enlai, look at Lin Biao at that time, look at Deng Xiaoping.

How many times have they given the written directions on the May Fourth Movement? Including in 2006, 2010, 2012, 2013, Xi Jinping made all meticulous instructions and even delivered the speeches on May Fourth at CCP schools. To be honest, I threw up myself to the floor while reading these instructions. If there is a hole in the world that can punish me by having me filled into that, I would punish myself by going into that hole. Because the world is too sarcastic.

After seventy years from 1919 to 1989, the students started the movement in Tiananmen Square. This became a failed movement by the students because of the lack of preparation from the society that was not ready. It ended up getting involved in the political struggle and being taken advantage of by student rogues and scoundrels, crooks, and deceitful thieves, a group of ignorant and fools. These kind and great students in the movement were completely lack of resonations from every section of the society. As a result, you all know the consequence, not only it was aborted, but also came up with a huge price.

The price did not stop at those students being killed in Tiananmen Square. Nationwide, murders and imprisonment cross the country destroyed so many burgeoning democratic forces in China.  Politically, it terrified those CCP leaders such as Zhao Ziyang, Hu Yaobang, and Deng Xiaoping who were hoped with probability, allegedly, to give some small degree of democracy and rule of law to the Chinese people. It totally turned into a political struggle. Zhao Ziyang was put under house arrest. Hu Yaobang passed away eventually. Deng Xiaoping, being horrified, gave the order of massacre, and never had the courage anymore to mention democracy and freedom.

This was not only a humanitarian disaster with students being slaughtered, but also a national disaster on China’s route towards democracy and rule of law.  After seventy years, people finally came to realize that it is CCP who has talked the most about the May Fourth Movement, who, upon its formation in China, promised Chinese people to bring to China the democracy, rule of law and moral standard based on the model from the United States. Because of this, Chinese people accepted the CCP after the May Fourth Movement in 1919.

On June Fourth, 1989, in Tiananmen Square, what did happen was the non-existence of Mister De and Mister Sai, but a totally totalitarian and empery regime. What a devastation on the earth. The May Fourth eventually led to the birth in China of the Communism, Marxism and Leninism, the birth of dictatorship, monarchism, super-monarchism and a real slavery society. It turned the courtship of democracy, freedom, and open media into one-party rule forcing people to not speak.

It was seventy years! Now looking back, in 1925 or 1924, through the mediation of the Americans, Chinese people was able to take the Shandong Peninsular back. It was American who helped China to reclaim the Shandong Peninsular. But can you imagine after seventy years, on June Fourth 1989 in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, it was American again who let go of Beijing and CCP. Without the inaction from Americans, it was impossible for the CCP to rule for seventy years. At that time (1989), it had been in power for 35 years. It was impossible that after seventy years of May Fourth, the CCP was still in power. Have you thought about this issue? Have you? In 1989, students were killed, no Mister De, no Mister Sai, but dictatorship, monarchism and totalitarian regime.


The surgency of a tyrannical regime without free speech is the most awkward, tragic and villainous incident on the soil of China after the May Fourth Movement. 35 years post June Fourth, or 30 years, from 1989 to 2020, Americans let go of the June Fourth and the CCP with the repeated belief in them stating: “After June Fourth, the CCP will contemplate. We should allow them to develop the economy first. After the Chinese people enjoy the economic prosperity, the CCP will grant democracy, liberty, rule of law and freedom of speech to its people.”


Now you people have witnessed what happened: 2019 Hong Kong marks the passage of one hundred years since 1919. In the streets of Hong Kong, mask-wearing was forbidden; and extradition law was implemented, complete defiance to the international laws. 


They disregarded not only international law but also domestic laws. Internationally, for a legal obligation to stay in Hong Kong as the same for fifty years, they discontinued it. They do not follow domestic laws, neither do they follow international laws. They insult the media openly.

In the last, five to ten years, from 18th to 19th CCP’s plenary conference, the extent of suppression imposed on China’s media and the ferocious crackdown met by China’s intellectual and cultural section surpassed that of from the end of Qing Dynasty under Cixi and Yuan Shikai as well as the consequential reign of the Nationalists. How miserable! One hundred years after the May Fourth, 1919, you must remember that you have to look at the incidents on April 3, April 13, and June 3 when you look at the May Fourth Movement. All these incidents were essential. Students started, and then enterprises joined, and the intellectuals participated. Eventually on June 3, the government completely compromised. Finally, they reached……(Ang. Good news)  43:48

Author: Chan Gong Qi Xia

Editor: GM36

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May. 24, 2020