HK is in Grave Danger as CCP Pushes National Security Law

By Yamap

After months of delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, in its National People’s Congress on 21st May, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) announced its proposal to push through the National Security Legislation in Hong Kong to further suppress any pro-democracy activities challenging the central government regime and also to “reinstate order” under its control.

CCP has clearly lost its patience upon series of pro-democracy protests since last year and it is determined to enforce stability and seize full control of Hong Kong via this outrageous move. No doubt democracy will be at risk and this will effectively end the “one country, two systems” and Hong Kong’s autonomy status.

Since Hong Kong’s handover to the Chinese government in 1997, the CCP has agreed that socialism would not be practiced in Hong Kong and the local government can maintain its own capitalist system and autonomy status for a period of 50 years until 2047 in accordance with the “one country, two systems” principles listed in the Sino-British Joint Declaration. It is a breach of the agreed upon treaty between the two countries and clearly CCP has not been holding  up to its promise to the people in Hong Kong and the agreement is no longer honored by the communist regime.

The CCP would probably bypass the Hong Kong’s Legislative Council to impose the national security law, which again is in violation of the “one country, two systems” principles and further undermines Hong Kong’s legal system. People have shown grave concerns on this ruthless move as it will be completely under CCP’s interpretation to manipulate Hong Kong’s legal system and the city will effectively be ruled on a “one country, one system” as other cities in mainland China.

It is obvious there will be serious implications to Hong Kong people under this new legislation. Any activities against the CCP would be made criminal under charges of “treason, subversion, terrorism, and foreign forces interference in Hong Kong’s affairs” based on its own interpretation. The free Hong Kong people will soon be treated as criminals for “treason” if they don’t hold the same crooked values as those pro-Beijing people do. Hong Kongers will be put on allegations of “subversive act” against CCP simply because they express different opinions against its censorship. No more street protests and freedom of speech for Hong Kong people to fight for their rights as they will be arrested as “terrorists” under the law. Anyone with connections with foreign political organizations will be deemed to commit a crime for illegal interference in Hong Kong’s affairs.

In addition, the CCP can also enforce special agency deployment in Hong Kong if the Party deems it in need of reinforcing national security. Hong Kong’s education system is another target on the agenda and officials have been pushed to promote national security learning programs in the name of “patriotism”. Any suspicious acts against CCP must be prohibited and reported to the central government on a regular basis. CCP’s abusive measures will definitely spike more protests as people fear that democracy and freedom of speech will soon just become pieces of words on the paper and nowhere to be found on the free land of Hong Kong.

National security legislation has been strongly opposed by pro-democracy protesters, who argue it could erode the city’s freedoms and high degree of autonomy.(Reuters: Navesh Chitrakar)

CCP thinks that all the countries have been so preoccupied on their own coronavirus pandemic fight and its evil move might not even been noticed by the international communities. Nice try but it did not work as expected. President Trump earlier has stated that “the US will address this issue strongly if it happens”. Mr. Chris Patten, Hong Kong’s last British governor, has openly criticized CCP’s proposal as “outrages” and accused CCP of “using global preoccupation with this awful pandemic fight to bully and harass in other areas in Hong Kong”.

Global Times, a pro-Beijing press channel, however has shamelessly emphasized that the national security law is key to protect the “one country, two systems” principles and the foundation of Hong Kong legal framework. The world knows exactly about CCP’s evil plans and the propaganda just won’t serve its purpose. Given the high probability that the proposed national security law will be passed during the Congress, there will be severe consequences and punishment coming on the way. Be wise CCP, think twice and make no mistakes.

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May. 23, 2020