CCP Brainwashes Children!

Author: 立武 , translated by Horus莲花

The following videos show how crazy high school seniors become before they take national exams for college and how much kids are brainwashed with propaganda. It is very disturbing and saddening to watch these videos. However, these have been going on for decades under an education system serving the CCP and the regime, not the students and their future. 

(The following videos are after a short description of each video. No subtitles are provided in the videos.)

  1. This student stood on a stage shouting “I want to score 570 points”. His surrounding classmates applauded for him. (570 points could be a high score in the Chinese national college entry test, gaokao, held once a year across China. This test usually determines which college a student could be admitted.) 
  1. A female high school student shouted, “I want to go to Sun Yat-Sen University” (one of the top universities in China). Her classmates also applauded for her.
  1. Another girl was shouting, “I want to go to Henan University”, surrounded by her classmates and teachers.
  1. This is in a classroom. A leading student is standing on the podium, patting the desk and yelling with his head up. The other students in the classroom repeat the same movements together. A row of teachers walks in the aisles as if reviewing the shouting of the students.
  1. A young boy in the classroom was holding a textbook with toothpicks taped to his eyes to hold his eyelids firmly. He was glaring at the textbook in his hand and shouting the content of the textbook. You can also hear the other students in the classroom also shouting.

These are the students at their prime time, expressing their expectations of going to a university or obtaining a certain score by shouting to learn or to memorize, which seems to reflect the passion of these students. However, when we see the truly energetic young people in a democratic society, we can see that in the eyes of these yelling students, it is not that passion for learning and the future, but a kind of long-pressed emotional release.

This kind of distorted psychology is an inevitable result of the CCP system, especially the education system that complements the regime. The nature of freedom in childhood and youth is greatly distorted.

The CCP’s education system is to create human machines without humanity, serving as a vanguard for the political party and protecting the stability of the dictatorship. Only when this yearning nature for freedom is erased, will submission and obedience replace a person’s humanity. This absolute obedience is exactly what the CCP wants.

It is not just the high school students who have been brainwashed for a long time. The CCP has never let go of young children who are developing their worldviews and values.

  1. These elementary school students did not have the roar of high school students, nor did they exhaust their screams. As if swearing an oath, they shouted a few words on the blackboard, “Reject the foreign festivals. Start with me.” Where can you see their vibrant souls?
  1. In this Tik Tok video this little boy learned the same tone from the CCTV of the Communist Party of China. Without any hint of tenderness in his eyes, he was filled with hatred and indifference.
  1. These two children looked even younger and they both looked naive and innocent. The tenderness on their faces was extremely incompatible with the hatred against the Japanese that came out of their mouths. When the host asked one of them if he hated the Japanese women and children, this little boy turned around. Apparently, this hatred was not from himself but taught.

The CCP ’s brainwashing education started from children’s tongues and mouths and eventually got into their hearts. The innocent faces, along with this hatred education, became extremely cold-blooded. The CCP ’s brainwashing education completely erased the common sense and tenderness of these children. CCP’s propaganda is not about love but hatred. This education of hatred has greatly affected the lives of children.

But this is not a problem of Chinese ethnicity. As long as there is love and general education and an open and inclusive environment, Chinese youths can also be cultivated as the youths in the West. They have love, ideas, passion, and ambition. When we see Hong Kongers protesting in the streets, facing life and death for defending their homes, we see the hope of China in the future. When we see the gentle and polite Taiwanese, we know that hatred does not belong to the Chinese, but the essence of the CCP. When you watch the last video, in which a young student said:” I ask you, how many good countries in the world treat Marxism as a treasure? Russia has stopped doing so, not even Marx’s motherland, Germany.”, you can see a fearless youth yearning for freedom and global perspectives. 

We have not lost hope. But under this evil system, the destruction of young people is obvious. Only by changing the regime, can children of this county be truly cared for and have a sound personality.

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May. 22, 2020