Miles: CCP’s National Security Law of Hong Kong and the possible response from U.S.

Summary: 老姜

May 22

Since yesterday, the CCP’s legislation proposal of the National Security Law of Hong Kong is a hot topic all over the world. The Hong Kong democracy protest movement is not over. Regarding this topic, you may also hear the vigorous response from President Trump, Secretary Pompeo, and President Trump’s economic advisor, Peter Navarro. Since CCP knows that Britain and the United States will definitely take action on the Hong Kong issue, the CCP’s National Security Law in Hong Kong is well-prepared to close China and put Hong Kong under its martial law. For the first time, President Trump said that the “United States will strongly respond” if the CCP dares to do so. This is a BIG deal. “Hong Kong is dead”, that is the White House’s assessment, and “Saving Hong Kong” is also the direction that the White House is pursuing. God bless Hong Kong.

The elimination of the CCP is closely tied with the upcoming U.S. election. The 2020 U.S. election is no longer a competition between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, rather, it is a competition between President Trump and the CCP. What CCP is doing is accelerating its own death and it is becoming a real threat to the world, every single day. CCP is bargaining with the West for the safety of their illegitimate children overseas. Many family members of the senior CCP officials have recently moved from Hong Kong and mainland China to Japan, Canada, and New Zealand. They are arranging their family affairs because they know that CCP is over and the United States will seize their assets.

The “Western China Development Plan“ proposed during the “TWO Session” is essentially a way of RMB printing as it hopes to lure millions of jobless fellow Chinese to the western area, utilizing the surplus production capacity for infrastructure construction and boost employment. These measures have been proven to have little effect on economic improvement. It is another national Great Leap Forward movement, as Chairman Mao did before the Cultural Revolution. My fellow Whistleblowers in mainland China, don’t be fooled to join their game. The CCP will continue to use various tricks to fight with the United States in the world, exhausting its means to prevent Trump from being re-elected in this upcoming November.

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May. 22, 2020