CCP Fake News: US Fire-bombed Crops Fields in Syria

Author: Sun

The CCP media put out fake news on May 20th accusing an US Apache helicopter dropped incendiary bombs into the wheat and barley fields, causing several fires that destroyed 200 dunums of crops in Hasakah, Syria.

At least 3 local sources consistently blamed the local militia for the fire. No mention of any foreign troop’s involvement. Syria local radio and TV station reports that large areas of wheat and barley fields in Hasakah countryside were burned down by a fire broke out near a Turkish occupation point in the countryside of Ras-Al-Ayn. It added that “the Turkish occupation forces intentionally set fire as part of its terrorist practices to pressure the people and push them to leave their areas by sabotaging their property and agricultural crops.”

       Other local news media ANF news reported that Turkish-backed terrorists set fire to the fields with howitzer artillery and mortar rounds. It further mentioned that this happened last summer too, where the terrorists employing tactics by setting the cultivated fields ablaze, destroying their crops and with intent to starve the population. The terrorists also fired at villagers who were trying to put out the fire.

Syrian Zman Al Wasi news also reported that “The massive fires flared in 12 areas in Hasakah and Deir Ezzor provinces as efforts failed by local farmers to extinghuisht the fire that hit the unharvested barley and wheat crops”. “Activities have blamed extremist Islamic State and YPG militias for launching such attacks.”  

There is no remote hint of US troops or Apache helicopters or any aircraft in their respective reports. All these facts are twisted and only reported in Chinese on CCP media, likely with a targeted audience in China only.

Crop fires destroy 1500 hectares in eastern Syria

The fake news appearing in CCP media, fingers the blame to US that has committed war crimes against humanity when attempting to starve civilians and killing innocents lives in the act. Validated with local news, the fires were caused by Turkish-backed terrorists firing artillery and mortars, during their in-fighting with Syrian troop, at the fields with objective to drive civilian population of the areas. 200 dunum of fields have set ablaze which is equivalent to 20 hectare. The CCP media could not keep this field size consistent in their made-up reports, with some reporting 20 hectares and some exaggerating as high as 20,000 hectares.

       In their reports, CCP continues to incite the nationalistic sentiments in China by equating US to be as evil as the Japanese troops during World War II that notoriously burned up crops that caused starvation. China has suffered considerably during the Japanese invasion.  It smears that a developed country as US, “leader of the free world, constantly advocating peace and equality, their act has resulted this glory image to collapse.” “It contradicts itself that the free world leader needs to resort to tactics like this for world peace.” Seemingly, CCP is trying to beef up its damaged reputation after the CCP virus has rampaged across the world, with countries calling for independent probe into the origin of the CCP virus. CCP is a mastermind of concealing the truth.

Are they drumming up the morale of its people, or is it a tit-for-tat against the US accusation for it’s mishandling of the CCP virus that appears to make their reputation shaken in the world stage? Apparently with bravado, CCP is fighting back US call for truth and responsibility with this piece of fake news. But the vain attempt is not going clean CCP’s name as a nefarious dictatorship.


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May. 22, 2020