CCP Restricts Issuing Passports for Tourism

Author: Tanhua

In response to the circulating internet message about “CCP stops issuing passports for tourism”, Chinese officials came out and said say it was a rumor, but some reporters verified that the alleged rumor was true.

The notice circulating on the Internet reads: “In order to coordinate the implementation of epidemic prevention and economic development, the passport applicants would have to make an appointment online (except for non-essential reasons, such as tourism).

This notice restricts applying passports for tourism purposes. This news has caused great concern.

In addition, some people said they were notified to turn in their passports to the government.  

The CCP’s detaining of passports started as early as the year 2017. First, it started with CCP members and later expanded to university teachers in Year 2018, and then to civilians and bank employees. After the epidemic broke out, as far as we know, this passports detaining action began to speed up, which covered all aspects of society.

People had already been unhappy with the passport handing in. Now, CCP stops issuing passports for tourism, which is the main reason for passport application. There were many online discussions and complaints. Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuxi Division of Exit and Entry Administration of the People’s Republic of came forward to “dispel rumors”.

But is it? What is the truth?

We found an on-site investigation report on “JieFang Daily” WeChat platform. “Jiefang Daily” is a newspaper of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. It formed an online forum, “Shanghai Online Rumor Refusal,” with Shanghai Internet Information Administration Office.

On May 18th, a reporter from the Shanghai Online Rumor Refusal called the hotline ”021-28951900” of the Shanghai Division of Entry-Exit Administration. The reception replied that citizens could come to apply for passports. But, whether the application is processed depends on the counter’s review, which means, “It is not guaranteed.”


In the afternoon of May 18th, the reporter went to the Jingan counter at No. 188 of  Hanzhong Road. The staff first denied the suspension of issuing passports and made it clear that “it can be done.” However, after swiping the ID card on the self-service machine, the reporter began to fill in the form. But, once the report filled in “tourism” in the purpose column, the self-service system will automatically lead to the application’s failure.

The staff reminded the reporter that he should not input “tourism” for the application purpose.

From the reporter’s experience, we can confirm the authenticity of the news on “CCP Stops Issuing Passport for Tourism”.

The reason why CCP is retaining and stopping the passport was to limit the number of people going abroad. Chinese people have spent 2-3 trillion US dollars on traveling abroad or studying abroad every year. With the strike of the epidemic, this pressure on foreign exchange reserves became much great, and CCP has a stronger incentive to restrict the outflow of funds and personnel to go abroad.

The CCP is concerned about the negative impact of official announcements of restricting passport application and doing these disgraceful actions under the table to deceive the Chinese people.

These measures mean the end of the era of free immigration, tourism, and study abroad, which has been popular for nearly three decades. It becomes more difficult for us to get around the firewall, online or physical.

For more on “Jiefang Daily” article see

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