HK Police Infringes Civilians’ Privacy: Ordering Them to Unlock Their Phones and Making unwarranted accusations of Telegram Users

Civilians gathered in the Yoho Mall atrium today to commemorate the 10th mensiversary of the Yuen Long 721 attack.

When riot police went to disperse the crowds, they had demanded twelve civilians, who did not know each other, to unlock their phones and show to the police whether they had installed the app Telegram or followed channels related to the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests after surrounding and forcing them into the police cordon.

Those found to have Telegram on their phone or followed said channels were fined HK$2000 by the police under the pretense of violating the gathering ban; those with their phones “clean” were let go without charges.

Source: Inmedia

Contributor: GM02

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May. 22, 2020