Remarks by Vice President Pence After Visiting with Westminster Baldwin Park Leadership in Orlando, FL

Vice President Pence visited a senior community at Westminster Baldwin Park in Orlando, which has kept a record of zero infection, with Florida Governor and other leaders on May 20. This is believed to be the first outing of Pence since he came out of his self-quarantine. He highly praised the decisive procedures that Florida Governor did for the senior communities in Florida since the very beginning of the pandemic. On the contrary to the prediction of the media, Florida didn’t become the second New York or Italy, rather it has become the model for many other states to follow because of the steps they have taken in testing and case monitoring. Pence admitted that the federal is considering travel ban for people from Brazil and other countries.


Translation:【Michelle】 Proofreading:【木木】 Subtitle:【Naomi (文花开)】

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