CCP Wants “Win-Win” When Jilin Goes into Lockdown

By Sun

On May 19th in Northeastern China, one more community cluster of new cases put Jilin city,  Jilin Province into partial lockdown.

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This happened shortly after the lockdown in Shulan city, a neighboring city less than 60 miles from Jilin. Movement control order has restricted residents in these clusters. Out-of-state residents who have not returned must now avoid or delay their returns. There is no timelines given or further communication to the residents which is typical of CCP style, only to mention that all residents are subject to further virus testing and “harsh’ quarantine measures. In these outbreak clusters, residents can be out to obtain necessities within 2 hours or use delivery service, if not halted.


As of May 19th, the province reported to have 133 cumulative cases, with 3 new reported cases, 2 deaths, and 1181 quarantined at isolation facilities. From the lesson learned, the Jilin city partial lockdown is due to the fear of second wave of infection outbreak and so CCP have resorted to forceful measures again. Or the number published is not telling the real story.

Bloomberg has reported on May 18th that “A sense of deja vu is permeating Jilin city, which underwent the same strict lockdown implemented in most of China in February and March despite CCP was only reporting daily cases in the single digit then. Overall, Jilin province’s total cases stand at 127; Hubei province had 68,000.”

At the same time, CCP media has reported that in Shulan and Jilin city, 6 government officials have been dismissed from their respective posts. Is it too drastic to remove 6 officials over low number of cases? This is the opposite of earlier call for calm that this is “preventable” and “controllable” when the number of cases was low. All these raise the suspicion from the locals that the CCP is hiding the truth again. Not surprisingly, while there is no transparency to their people, CCP is so good at the blaming game, and quickly points fingers to those in office who must bear consequences by being fired. Local residents can only infer the number of new cases must be higher than reported while the source of virus infection remains a mystery.

On May 19th CCP People’s Network News put out propaganda editorial stating that in the fight of global pandemic, it is not about “you win and I lose”, but about “win-win”. They further ridicules that US has known about the virus as early as Jan 11th and yet the US couldn’t prevent it. Like the SARS pandemic before, CCP first detected in November 2019 in the city of Wuhan, but didn’t disclose it for months. The world has an inkling of the CCP virus, originated from Wuhan, Hubei with only one preliminary virus sequence that has been released to the world via open-access site, Despite of “more than 30 discussions” between China and US CDC, no further CCP virus sequencing was shared or no foreign experts were allowed to visit Wuhan or any other collaboration. As you can see, transparency is a myth in China, and any information without approval from higher authority will invite punishment. A doctor who first reported it in Wuhan was punished and there was a 5-week delay before CCP took it seriously.

Mandel Ngan | AFP | Getty Images

The handling of virus in US and China is vastly different, strategically. US has been consistently publishing data for this unavoidable pandemic with unprecedented transparency. Counts of new cases and deaths toll are reported with adequate testing which also means bringing more reported cases to the open. Over time, US has exceeded China in the number of cases. With a simple math, the population in China is about 4 times more than that of US, yet the reported numbers by CCP were much lower. It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that CCP has significantly underreported the cases, as confirmed by US intelligence report. Not until the CCP virus spread to the world, numbers of cases reported by Korea, US and Europe were much higher than that of China too. CCP further manipulated the data out of embarrassment, but it is far from being accurate. Therefore, hiding real numbers to mislead the whole world with a hidden agenda is definitely not “win-win”.

The editorial further states that “they’ve (CCP top officials) acted in an open, transparent and responsible manner”. However, if it were true, much less of their people would die in reality, or they did not have to “adjust” their numbers upwards to fit the world’s trends. Perhaps, in CCP’s terminology, no transparency is good for them to save face and avoid addressing the issues made. Mistakes have been obviously made but CCP is reluctant to seek global assistance. Transparency, openness and timely responses go hand-in-hand and this could be good for the world to combat the pandemic cooperatively. But CCP is still struggling with the virus outbreak by sacrificing lives of people in a “lose-lose” fashion.

The editorial further states that “Life is to be cherished, and prevention and control of pandemic is a top priority. US politicians have continued to play the blaming game of accusing China of hiding data and information”. The world is aware that CCP is not forthcoming with the real cases. With the highly contagious nature of the CCP virus, time is of the essence. Hiding real number of cases, not being transparent in the handling of the outbreak, hesitating and employing face-saving tactics at all levels leads to catastrophic failure in the battle against coronavirus. Thus lives are lost, invariably, worldwide.

Steve Bannon while being interviewed by Newsweek on May 1st believed that “China knew about the ability of the disease to be transmitted from human-to-human in December 2019 and that if CCP has shared with the world the truth, 90% of the economic devastation and 95% of the people dead would have never happened”

Now, are they going to tell the truth in Jilin? Or the residents have to infer from the dismissal of local officials with the community going into lockdown mode frantically due to “low number of cases”. Clearly in their mind and hearts, they know the truth once again is hidden from them, and “win-win” never exists.


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