Pres. Trump Denounced Outrageous CCP Comments

By Yamap

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President Trump sent out a twitter earlier to criticize CCP Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao’s comments during its Regular Press Conference this week.

According to Lijian Zhao’s comments during the conference, CCP fully supports the adoption of COVID-19 Response Resolution co-sponsored by more than 130 WHO member countries in the 73rd World Health Assembly. Spokesman Zhao has emphasized that CCP is one of the co-sponsors to initiate this resolution to fight the global pandemic rather than being forced to cooperate with other member states. He urges those countries with any attempt to defy CCP’s “effort” on control of the pandemic should prioritize their focus on coronavirus containment instead of politicalizing the call for an independent international probe on this outbreak at this stage.

Mr, Zhao has also condemned Mr. Trump’s letter to WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as a fallacious move against well-established international approach in dealing with this crisis. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and EU Foreign Affairs spokesperson have also shown their further support respectively to WHO and advised that global cooperation is key rather than playing the blame game to further undermine multilateralism among countries.

Given the WHO being CCP-centric since the outbreak of this pandemic, Mr. Trump’s request for a demonstration of independence from CCP and reform of the organization clearly has a valid stand upon WHO’s failure in response to the public health crisis. Not surprisingly, Mr. Zhao has denied most of the evidences presented in the letter and criticizing Mr. Trump and the US government being hostile to vilify CCP’s effort and role in this global pandemic fight.

This is not the first time and obviously will not be the last attempt for CCP and its officials to deny all the solid evidences and keep promoting its “successful experience” on the pandemic control. CCP has been consistently trying to establish itself as a “successful role model” of being “transparent, accountable and cooperative” in handling of this global crisis via propaganda channels and its “puppets” around the world. Ironically, CCP’s incompetence, not its so-called transparency and cooperation, has claimed thousands of innocent lives worldwide.

It seems that “transparency” and “cooperation” have different meanings under CCP’s context these days. Clearly, heroic whistleblowers’ and doctors’ earlier alerts on this novel virus did not align with CCP’s transparency policy. CCP’s tariff penalty and import ban on certain Australian agriculture products is its own new fashion of “international cooperation” as retaliation against Australia’s endorsement for an independent investigation into the origins of the virus.

It is now well established that the CCP has been effectively seeding the virus to cause global chaos and destruct the world economy. The whole world would have had to bounce to the beat of CCP if the evil plan had not been unveiled. The fact is, as CCP’s mask has now been taken off, they don’t care to hide their arrogance anymore and all they want is extreme power to maintain its regime.


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