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       There is already no freedom of speech in China, now you cannot even quietly surf the internet. What’s next?

       In September 2019, Mr. Yang downloaded two apps, Lao Wang VPN and Ant VPN (Do those names sound suspicious to whistleblower movement compatriots?) on his cell phone. Mr. Yang was taken by CCP cops for investigation in committing potential crime by using VPNs to bypass the great firewall of China. They have been watching his every single move, just like the rest of the Chinese who are being watched every single day, no matter you have criminal records or not. The HanBin District Police Department  gave Mr. Yang an administrative warning and imposed a fine of 500 RMB without any hesitation. The police ruled that this guy used  VPN illegally.

There is no detail if he has posted anything or what he has read. What is  CCP afraid of?

Weibo User A posted, “When you are using VPN, the data is transmitted to world wide web through layers of nodes on the network. Your home internet service is provided by a server controlled by CCP, and finally it reaches VPN, SSL to the real world. What’s wrong with that?”

       User B questioned the police, “What did he do wrong, and why didn’t the police specify it?”

       User C replied, “It contains sensitive words (The word “VPN” is filtered out of internet by CCP censorship). Police wouldn’t be able to issue the online announcement in that case.” Yes, you’ve heard it right. Even the police have to follow the insane internet bleep censor rule dictated by CCP.

What sensitive words? Is it a sentence that will resonate with the people?

While it is not illegal to provide a VPN service in Mainland China, why is it illegal to use it? Since 2017, Beijing has introduced a number of regulations to rectify the VPN market on the grounds of “promoting the healthy development of the industry”. VPN can only be used by government officials and not for “flipping over the firewall”. CCP ’s solution is to require companies to switch to approved Chinese VPN applications that are subject to censorship and expensive leased line fees and licensing fees, provided by CCP-controlled telecommunications companies. VPN has become a financial tool for the CCP-affiliated three telecommunications giants and about a dozen VPN businesses. Moreover, VPN pro’s research shows that “97 of the world’s leading VPN service providers are controlled by 23 parent companies. Six of the parent companies are located in China. These 6 Chinese companies manage 29 VPN service providers.” The report also points out that CCP may easily check the user data and account passwords stored by VPN service providers in the country without warrant, and even transfer these data overseas. Under the CCP system, “every user is under the strictest network monitoring.”

       Overall, the real issue is, CCP says you break the law, then you must have broken the law. There is no rule of law in China. What ’s beyond the firewall? CCP doesn’t want you to see what you shouldn’t see for the sake of their power control and stability of their regime. It is rule of law, democracy, human rights, and freedom that they want to hide from you.

       Free speech is the most fundamental human right. However, CCP doesn’t even let you enjoy your right bestowed by its constitution. If you are a true patriot, you will join the historic movement to bring down the great firewall of China!

              The collapse of the Berlin Wall thundered that no government can effectively confine its people from the rest of the world. “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” says George Santayana.  Or perhaps I’d better speak CCP’s language by quoting Karl Marx, the God of CCP, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” I can hear the rumbling sound made by the firewall as we speak! The Berlin Wall is brought down, so will be the firewall!

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[1]VPN,What Is a VPN, and How Does It Work?





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