CCP-Virus Pandemic Daily Updates EP 104-106

By VOG Video News Team

Cui Tiankai: A few people are not allowed to drag China-US relations into conflict and confrontation; the Heilongjiang epidemic is severe, and the citizens are complaining; the Bannon war room: the military cancels the qualification of the infected people to join the army; Miles Guo: CCP has encountered four core problems

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Hu Xijin: CCP needs to expand the number of nuclear warheads to housands in a short time; 24 students in Jiangxi have suspected fever symptoms; internal documents show that the CCP concealed the epidemic

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Harbin Normal University set up an investigation team for publishing inappropriate remarks; on the evening of May 7 in Hong Kong, the CCP evil police went crazy to catch people; Fox Interview: The strategy of the Communist Party is the key to causing such a serious global plague

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May. 19, 2020