A Farce of CCP-Style Virus Screening

Author: 正义之师、Prof.Bacteriophage

On May 11, CCP announced a comprehensive screening plan of 11 million people in Wuhan within 10 days. An urgent notice on carrying out the coronavirus nucleic acid tests was distributed to all the districts and communities in the city. It maps out that Wuhan was scheduled to conduct a “ten-day battle” for the screening of coronavirus infection in the city. Each district will have all their residents tested within a 10-day period. The CCP-Style virus screening thus began—a rally of gimmick show rather than a meaningful testing.

One of the most important reasons for a massive screening like this is to further manipulate the data. It stings the CCP on the very thought that South Korea, Germany, and the United States have accomplished a large number of tests. These governments and their capacities have impressed the world. Out of embarrassment, CCP wants to flatter itself by playing the game of scale. Of course, CCP will never admit this and claim its genuinely concern for the well-being of the citizens. However, the CCP-affiliated media spilled the real intention:”If the mission was accomplished, the amount of tests in the city would exceed all other countries, including the United States who has the largest number of tests so far.” Mistakenly, CCP puts the cart before the horse by spreading the propaganda first. Another reason is to get rid of its stockpile of test kits. Numerous reports pointed out that other countries have refused the kit manufactured by CCP due to its poor sensitivity and specificity. Meanwhile, these countries have come up with far better tests on their own. It’s a total failure that CCP planned to profit from dumping those subpar test kits to other countries during this pandemic. Without the demand of exports, now CCP has to engineer a way to digest the test kits domestically with the help of an authoritarian order.

It is not a smooth sail after all. Starting from May 15, this insane project has been suspended in some communities due to supply chain issues of test kits and inadequate medical staffing. Residents are whooshed to gather in outdoor basketball courts or parking lots without social distancing for collecting samples, just to meet the 10-day deadline dictated by CCP. They have no choice but to be tested in this way of risking cross-contamination, because all their health information relating to the CCP Virus is bundled with a QR code. No screening means you are tagged as non-compliant. Ridiculously, technicians who are not paying attention end up mixing and mislabeling the samples. Additionally, the kits are far from being accurate. In short, CCP has neither the capability to serve 11 million residents in 10 days nor a reliable test kit to begin with. It’s impossible to carry out a CCP-Style Virus Screening. Did someone just say the number of tests would exceed all other countries?

On May 16, here comes more drama: a CCP website (sina.com.cn) has retrieved an article titled “Preliminary Assessment of Wuhan Nucleic Acid Test: at Least 500,000 of the 10 million people have been infected”. By quoting a 5 to 6 % positive antibody testing results based on the previous 11,000 population in April in Wuhan, which is thought to be accurate, it concludes at least 500,000 residents were infected out of the 11 million. What a horrible but reasonable number it is! CCP is panicking again, because it is in a real pickle for explaining itself to the public. CCP would have to reconsider the massive screening plan. Is it necessary to obtain more data? Is it safe to let more third parties know the actual results, or, the previous cover-ups? As this article has been retrieved and the screening has been suspended, the gimmick show finally came to an end. CCP is dying to demonstrate it being the best in the world, with the delusion in mind that the larger the number is in testing, the more trust would be earned from its people. Lying as CCP loves, it often ends up fooling itself like this time.

“There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt.” CCP-Style Virus Screening, either you recognize it as a comedy or tragedy, has become another nightmare of citizens in Wuhan.

Prof. Bacteriophage, May 18





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