Remarks by President Trump at Owens & Minor, Inc. Distribution Center

President Trump delivered remarks at Owens & Minor, Inc. Distribution Center Allentown, Pennsylvania on May 14, stating as follows:

“they’re going through the doors, and they’re not even ready to go through those doors.  They probably shouldn’t.  But they can’t get there fast enough. And they’re running into death just like soldiers run into bullets, in a true sense.  I see that with the doctors and the nurses and so many of the people that go into those hospitals. 

It’s incredible to see.  It’s a beautiful thing to see.  But I really call them “warriors.”  We’re all warriors; everyone in our country is a warrior.  We have to be because of what happened.  And it should have never happened.  It should have been stopped at the source.”

Translation:【一花一世界】  Proofreading:【Melody太阳的旋律】【GM31】  Subtitle:【J4us】

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