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David’s War Room comprehensively interpreted the scientific articles regarding the man-made nature of the coronavirus in his plain language and vivid metaphors, and profoundly analyzed the false evidence that Shi Zhengli and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) fabricated in order to cover up criminal evidence in manufacturing biological weapons. Shi Zhengli and the CCP were not hesitate to use all kinds of despicable methods to collude with CCP virus researchers and the WHO officials who do not have professional ethics and ethical conducts and endorse or even fabricate various false evidence for the CCP! No matter how much quibbling the CCP does, the crimes against humanity are already hard evidence! The Whistleblower Movement led by Mr. Miles Guo has attracted many of the world’s top scientists with conscience! The global trend of eliminating the CCP is overwhelming! The false evidence made by the CCP and its accomplices will become evident to the International Tribunal in the near future! Evil CCP, You are over!

Today we will be analyzing information provided by our fellow warriors from various professional fields in contagious diseases, infections, and virology. Through the analysis of the mechanism and gene mapping of the virus, we will take a broader logical approach to find out what the CCP and Shi Zhengli have done. Why is the CCP afraid now? And why are there so many abnormal phenomena in the United States now? It is also a support to Mr. Luther’s breaking news on January 19th, 2020 that the CCP itself declared the gene sequence of Wuhan Coronavirus was 100% identical to the E protein of that of Zhoushan bat virus. We will use the flaws of the CCP ’s own lies to strangle the CCP!

First of all, there was a propaganda-style article with CCP’s tune published on May 3. This article was actually a pushback against the United States’s calling of international investigation. This CCP’s pushback utilized the conspiracy theories hyped by the CCP’s propaganda. The CCP attacked Secretary Pompeo and Mr. Bannon, and then defamed leaders of the Expose Revolution (the Whistleblower Movement), including Mr. Luther and Mr. Miles Guo. The purpose is to tell the world that this is your conspiracy theory to politicize the virus. The CCP wants that the origin of the virus should be deferred to the scientists for verification.

Let’s think this- why did the CCP say that? Why did the CCP say that the origin of the virus should be deferred to the scientists for verification? What is the CCP avoiding? Scientists? Or should we call them murderers?

Take a look at the research institutions and scientists involved in this article! We shall wait and see that they will be investigated or become witnesses to the trial when the time to investigate the entire incident.

In this article, it reported that do not link the source of the Wuhan virus to the laboratory or the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This aims to set the tone for you that this is a conspiracy theory. It also cites extensive evidence provided by some scientists that the coronavirus is not man-made and has not been genetically modified. At first glance, you know right away that the CCP is lying, but don’t underestimate the destructive power of these words.

The statement came from the website of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on April 30, saying that “the Intelligence Community also concurred with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not man-made or genetically modified. ” Don’t you see this echoed what the CCP claimed that it was the scientists saying but not from Pompeo’s or President Trump’s saying. It actually supported the CCP’s claim from a statement from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence!

At first glance, combining with the next report would give people a false impression that the United States has confirmed from both the intelligence community and the scientific community that the virus is from nature. This article was used to deceive those people locked down in the Great Fire Wall.

So let’s sort it out first. Let’s ignore their argument first. Just looked at the name of the office, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, CIA, and FBI and people can easily get overwhelmed Could this from O’Brien or Pottinger? We have just made posters to publicly support them two days ago. Aren’t they anti-CCP? Why did such a completely opposite report come out from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence?

Let’s take a look at the news release “Intelligence Community Statement on Origins of COVID-19” published on the website of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on April 30.

Do you remember that a reporter asked President Trump: “Have you seen anything at this point that gives you a high degree of confidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of this virus?”

President Trump replied clearly: “Yes, I have.”

The reporter followed up and asked: “What gives you the high degree of confidence that this originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology?”

Trump said: “I can’t tell you that! I’m not allowed to tell you that.”

And what date was this press conference? It was less than two days before the statement released by the so-called Director of National Intelligence. Then, on April 30, this news release came out to support that “the scientific communities in the United States agree that the virus came from nature, rather than a laboratory.” if we put it directly.

(Previously, we had a program specifically for this topic) The current National Intelligence Director: Richard Grenell used to be the US ambassador to Germany. He has done lots of things, such as a tough attitude towards Iran, arms sales to NATO allies and defense budget. This person has also done tons of work on the pressure on NATO and Germany. But of course, let’s not be distracted by this.

The National Intelligence Director is not a formal position, like those in the CIA or FBI. It is an intelligence sharing department above these 2 departments. In layman term, it is a supervisory department and in less than 48 hours, this supervisory department can come up with a report on coronavirus, the CCP virus, to support the US scientific community!

This shows that there is a big problem internally in the United States! This explains what Mr. Miles Guo said in Bannon’s War Room that the fled scientist from the Wuhan p4 laboratory was not only afraid of the hunting down by the CCP, but also scared of being murdered under US’s watch.

We must know that the position of Director of National Intelligence was established to supervise the intelligence departments for information sharing in Bush Jr.’s administration after the 9/11 attack, and it does not have much credibility.

David’s point of view here is this report does not constitute a final conclusion. But this report came out at the same time as that of the US scientific community and the coincidence of this is worth a second thought. It could be seen that the pressure within the United States and the influence of the CCP, or what we call the “Deep State”, how powerful and dangerous the silent power is. Also, the CNBC even reported that President Trump was spreading conspiracy theory because he cannot present evidence.

Everyone knows that there was an incident in the past two days when a hacker attacked the WHO and the Gates Foundation (David has also made an interpretation on this subject previously). This hacking incident revealed that Shi Zhengli took a block of dry ice and dropped it in the Wuhan South China Seafood Market. David deliberately made a scenery recovery of that market. He also interpreted that this so-called hacking incident is absurd. Its purpose is to mislead and confuse the audiences regarding the CCP virus investigation. The news also mentioned that hackers attacked the NIH (National Institutes of Health), which is a huge institution.

All the reports and articles appeared in China are mutually supportive, because the CCP will definitely use the evidence that is beneficial to them to support Shi Zhengli’s evidence that the virus came from nature. These articles were all from NIH, which is a huge medical research institution. NIH Director, Francis S. Collins, under his blog, wrote a report directly stating that the virus is from nature, and there is no evidence that the virus is artificially synthesized or man-made. And he was one of the CCP-supported scientists to support this evidence. After this evidence was revealed, let ’s recall the hacker incident, we would understand the story behind. Because the CCP knew that the United States was investigating on the origin of the virus, they deliberately release these misleading information. Also, the intention is to disturb the scientific community, since there are a large number of people in the scientific community who are bribed by the CCP, and those scientists will definitely support that the virus comes from nature. Some people deliberately spread the so-called fake or misleading materials fed by the CCP, which will resent the ‘good’ scientists in the scientific community and thus turn the investigation into a conspiracy theory. Because the investigation is based on the evidence and many of which are false, it has caused huge impact on reducing the credibility and rationality of the United States in tracing the origin of the virus.

There are two approaches of this operation. The positive approache is using such authoritative department, like Francis S. Collin in NIH to endorse that the virus comes from nature; The negative approach is releasing fake news (from Hu Xijin and other overseas propaganda outlets), various smoky guns, including oppression of the Luther’s program, one of De – our Exposé Revolution Medias; The CCP has also attacked and smeared those decent scientists- by saying that they are lunatic- to reduce their credibility in public.

Since the CCP wants to prove that this virus came from nature, it has to produce a lot of evidences. Please check out the comments from our fellow brothers at Francis S. Collin’s Twitter. Some of which have been very critical. On 16th, a French virologist said something about the problems with the Wuhan P4 Lab. Soon after, it was denied by French politics through a statement from the President’s office. It demonstrated the extent to which French science and politics have been either threatened or bought off. How could French President deny if he was neither there nor seen it himself? Then, the CCP made fake news that a Japan scientist published a paper saying that the virus came from a laboratory. The Japan scientist, a Nobel Laurette, came out to clarify it with disgust. This move helped the CCP in a small way. It gave a false idea that the virus coming from a laboratory was wrong. That’s the second kind of destruction that David talked about.

In a recent Brannon’s War Room, several U.S. Congressmen have begun to notice that Dr. Fauci, the man who first misled President Trump, is also preparing to face a congressional investigation. Under such a bio-chemical weapon crisis, merely lies are required to achieve its purpose. Anyone, as long as misled the American people, President Trump or his administration would be the CCP’s accomplice.

Why did Fauci surface?

Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). As a professional leader who has been studying AIDS for many years in the United States. As a pioneer in the field of infectious diseases, he provides advises to Trump’s administration. He is a big figure professionally with no doubt . but the NIAID his department belongs to the NIH! That is, Fauci is under the administrative control of the NIH and the director is Francis S. Collin. NIH is a huge institution with many subordinate research institutions that are up to the NIH to pay for these institutions, to get their papers published, or to get their impact to the fields. In NIH, also a funding agency, there is huge funding to fund a lot of researches. It worth digging more. We should note that the funding for the Wuhan P4 lab came from the United States. Fauci met the terms to be BGYed (the CCP uses to control people through information (Blue), monetary bribery (Gold), and the deployment of sex (Yellow)) because of his role in influencing President Trump’s anti-pandemic policies.

Let’s come back to look at the virus itself, which was first reported by Mr. Luther on January 19th. Let me show you one article here. Many thanks to our scientific team for writing the article and doing all the data analysis, which is the key to see through the fake evidence made by the CCP. With their professional analysis, we can then present the evidence piece by piece here to clarify the truth and to expose the CCP’s fake evidence. This is our contribution to the Expose Revolution.

Why did the CCP claim that the backbone of this virus was from Zhoushan Bat? The CCP coronavirus is made based on a template virus which is isolated by PLA lab from bat in Zhoushan in 2018. But the CCP want to cover the truth. Here is the logic behind the evilness of the CCP. As a murderer who committed crimes at the scene, what the CCP fears most is the evidence left on the scene. A few thing that the CCP has to do are nothing but hiding evidence, destroying evidence, and creating alibi.

Now we apply this same logic to the incident on the earliest viral outbreak in Wuhan. Don’t forget that when the viral outbreak first happened, the CCP didn’t know that Mr. Luther would reveal the truth in his YouTube channel on Jan 19th.

So the CCP initially set the tone and called the virus “Wuhan coronavirus with unknown origin”.

On January 19, Luther reported in his YouTube channel that the CCP has isolated a bat coronavirus from bats in Zhoushan. This research on bat virus was done by PLA lab of the CCP and the CCP also promoted this research on the CCTV). The most important evidence is that this Zhoushan Bat virus has an E protein that is 100% identical to the new Wuhan virus, which the CCP has made it publicly accessible.

Here is the biggest question: what did the CCP try to cover up? Apparently the CCP wanted to blame it to nature, so it must have a piece of evidence to support this argument. The CCP then can link this virus to the SARS virus.

There was another warrior’s article, titled the Coronavirus is man-made. In this article, the CCP claimed that the virus was from nature, and to prove that, the CCP chose the SARS virus as its reference point.

But this argument is difficult to sustain. Because the bat coronavirus cannot infect human cells directly. On one hand, the CCP coronavirus has the backbone of a bat coronavirus, but on the other hand, it captures the features of the SARS virus, which use human cell receptor ACE-2 to mediate membrane fusion so that viral RNA genome can enter the cell. As a result, the 2019 CCP coronavirus has the feature of a recombinant virus.

If we take a closer look at the similarity between the CCP virus and the bat coronavirus isolated from Zhouashan bats (two parallel strains named ZC45 and ZXC21), we found that the overall protein similarity between the two viruses are 95%. Specifically, M protein is 98.6%, S2 (membrane fusion domain of Spike protein) is 94%, and E protein is100%!

What is the spike protein for? The key to determine host range of coronavirus (which species the virus can infect) is the spike protein (S protein). For example, you can imagine viral entry as a process that virus open a door on the surface of the host cell. In this process, S protein is like the key and its receptor ACE-2 on the human cell surface will be like the lock. The key (S protein) consists of the key head ( S1) and the key handle (S2).The most interesting fact of the CCP virus is that its E protein is 100% identical to bat virus, but when it comes to S1 (key head), there is only 69% similarity. In fact, the S1 (key head) looks more like a piece from the SARS-like virus that can infect human.

This is the 3D atomic scale map or molecular structure of the SARS-2-CoV protein “spike” which the virus uses to invade human cells. (Image: © Jason McLellan/Univ. of Texas at Austin)

Why is the CCP so afraid of the truth that was revealed by Luther’s show? Because if the CCP virus came from nature, if the virus evolved naturally through random mutations, different viral proteins should share approximately the same level of similarity.

Now let’s re- emphasize again that the E protein in this CCP virus is 100% identical to that of the bat coronavirus, but the similarity of S protein between the CCP virus and bat virus is only 69%. Note that the S1 protein is the most important part to determine that the virus can infect human.

This is so weird. Why is that?

Evolution usually occurs because of random mutations. For example, if a person, who is born with one extra finger, or cleft lip, etc., this is understandable. But if a person born with a dog head on his back, would you believe it was a natural mutation?

The mutation (of the CCP Virus) is not natural, or irregular. For example, it is acceptable that the E proteins show almost the same with minor differences. However, the mutation with the exactly same E-protein would be ‘too perfect’! Also, this S1-protein is what allows the novel coronavirus to jump from animal to human and the key to open human cells. This is the purpose of this biological manipulation, that is to change the S1-protein and to allow the virus to jump from animal to human. This could not happen naturally, even with tens of thousands years of evolution, but it appears here.

The difference of the S1-protein is to infect human. It is a biological weapon against humans! The CCP was surprised by Luther’s program that uncovered the consistency of the E-protein and the unnatural mutation on S1 protein (between the CCP virus and the bat virus). The CCP has to continue covering up the fact that the virus is a biological weapon.

The S1-proteins are small red spikes on the surface of the virus, and it comes contact with the ACE2 receptor of human cells, opens this “lock”, and then causing infection and virus replication. This (the spike protein) is the key of the coronavirus, to open and enter to infect the (host’s) cells. The S2 protein is the key bow while the S1 key blade.

Now the key question that the CCP coronavirus comes from the Zhoushan bat coronavirus (from which created the bio-weapon), with the 2 strains (ZC45 and ZXC21) has been clarified. This is now beyond doubt.

The simple fact is that the Zhoushan bat virus and the CCP Virus share the same E-protein and more than 98% of their membrane proteins. How dare some American scientists who colluding with the CCP saying that the virus is not made in the lab? Anyone who has reviewed the comparison of gene sequences would come to the same conclusion as described her.

Why would the scientists lie? Because they don’t think that President Trump and we people would understand and did not expect seeing Luther to unveil the truth and the CCP’s lies on his show.

Shi Zhengli was so concerned after Luther’s program that she had to continue covering up the lies and providing fake evidence to support the theory that the virus was not from the Wuhan P4 laboratory but nature. In order to support herself, she uploaded a sequence of bat coronaviruses, code named RaTG13, on January 27.

David’s War Room show has exposed her (Shi) fake evidence to cover up the lies that were revealed earlier. The CCP was most afraid that the world would find out that the CCP Virus came from Wuhan’s P4 laboratory, because this violates the “Biological Weapons Convention”, the CCP breaks the international laws, and this CCP is criminal as a terrorist organization. Hence, the CCP has to clear all evidence of the virus connecting with the Wuhan P4 Laboratory.

Since the CCP was panicky, they produced such fake evidence (a fake genetic sequence of the virus). Interestingly, they said that this sequence has been discovered since 2013. All the CCP’s lies have been based on this sequence created by Shi.

After we exposing this perjury, the CCP and all the American scientists who colluding were exposed, because they endorsed a not-existing sequence.

Here we explain the virus gene sequence. SARS_GZ02 is the genetic sequence of the SARS virus at the time discovered. Among them, the protein properties of the sort number “442/472/479/487/491” (of the CCP virus) and those of the SARS virus belong to the same family.

The fake evidence was intended to say: “Shi Zhengli found a virus similar to the SARS virus in 2013”, the subtext is that RaTG13, like SARS, is able to infect human.

Luther said: “The CCP coronavirus is a biological weapon developed from the Zhoushan bat coronavirus.” “The Chinese Communist Party, in order to divert attention from being accused of having a man-made virus, say that it is from nature. Other than ZC45 and ZXC21, the two Zhoushan bat virus strains, the only other virus that infects humans is the SARS virus. So it is necessary for the CCP to falsify evidence to support that nature has a virus that can infect human through intermediate hosts. Thus, it can be reasonably stated that the virus comes from nature.

From the end of January to the end of February this year, the Chinese Communist Party, along with Zhong Nanshan, Shi Zhengli, the South China Agricultural University and others, frantically looked for “intermediate hosts” in order to establish bat-to-human connections. They looked at bats, pangolins, caterpillars and more other species, but struggled to find the intermediate host.

In order to prove that it is not from a laboratory, there must be an intermediate host to establish the animal-to-human transmission. On January 27th, Shi Zhengli’s RaTG13 was intended to create evidence for the intermediate host. “There are five proteins loci that are same as those of the SARS virus,” suggesting that the CCP coronavirus came from nature.

Punch lines to expose the lies

Firstly, if the virus was discovered in 2013, with such an excellent combination, why did it come to public after 7 or 8 years? The CCP’s scientists would had already rushed to register and receive rewards. Even when the Zhoushan bat virus was discovered in 2018, the CCTV has reported it in high profile. Such an important discovery could have already been published in Nature, because this is the findings and support of cross-species transmission! Why were they waiting till after LuDe’s show?

Secondly, Shi Zhengli’s RaTG13 does not exist in nature! They wanted to prove that the virus was from natural evolution. But Luther’s program at that time exposed their lies and the CCP was caught by surprise. The CCP did not expect that the Whistle blower Movement was so superior in exposing the truth. In order to cover this up, Shi Zhengli used her computing skills and fabricated a fake sequence to show its relation to the SARS virus. Any professionals could do it in one afternoon.

The virus sequences have been uploaded to National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the world’s viral gene bank. Why should Shi Zhengli upload it here? The NCBI is one of the NIH’s department and this will allow those American traitor scientist to support her perjury.

As long as the NCBI does not question, uploading to the virus gene library is equivalent to the existence of this virus in nature. In addition, contacting the aforementioned scientists, like Fauci, Collins, and many other U.S. scientists who have been endorsing Shi Zhengli’s previous research. Putting the sequence in the virus library under the NIH makes the endorsement easier, as long as the virus library is not questioned.

Speaking of the first point above, if the virus was discovered 8 years ago and was proved that came from nature, why did the CCP not reveal it early? If it was revealed earlier, LuDe would not be able to do that show. This also shows that the virus does not exist in nature and the CCP can only create a fake virus sequence.

Speaking of the second point above, there are two kinds of mutations in the process of virus mutation: synonymous mutations and non-synonymous mutations. The ratio of the occurrence probabilities of the two mutations is about 5: 1. The virus with synonymous mutation will show different sequences, but its core structure remains unchanged.

Compared with the two strains ZC45 and ZXC21 of Zhoushan bat, the synonymous and non-synonymous mutations matched the ratio of 5: 1; while comparing the SARS and RaTG13 sequences, the ratio was very inconsistent. The analogy of this is to grow a dog head on a human. How could this be caused by natural mutation?

Another example about the RaTG13, is a company ’s accountant making false accounting data. The final result (balance) looked fine without problems, but because of the rush in making fraud, the details violated the logic and couldn’t explain the final result.

When Shi Zhengli falsified the sequence, she considered the ratio of 5: 1, but created too many mutations in the synonymous mutations in the first half. Consequently, the number of non-synonymous mutations in the second half needed to be reduced. So the curve of the end product when comparing the ratio of these 2 types of mutations was very strange.

The so-called false is never be true. This is a fake account, although the final result seems to be correct, but the logic is violated and the loopholes are huge. This sequence can deceive ordinary people who don’t understand gene sequences, but can’t stand under the careful scrutiny of professionals. Please take a look at this article “Shi Zhengli and the CCP’s defect-RaTG13” which would be recorded in history.

Shi Zhengli’s fake sequence not only failed to bleach the CCP’s lies, but also proved the accuracy of Luther’s program on January 19th.

In conclusion, neither Wuhan’s P4 lab nor Shi Zhengli’s team has the RaTG13 virus strain. This is a fabricated fake virus, completely for the purpose of covering up the fact that Wuhan virus is from the CCP’s Wuhan P4 lab. Otherwise, there is no need to falsify, and there is no need to upload it to the virus gene library, the NCBI, in the United States.

In this episode of David’s War Room, in addition to clarifying the problems of the perjury about the virus, it also logically shows everyone the perjury presented by the CCP on a larger scale, even including the endorsement of the US Intelligence Commission (ODNI). This tells you how important and difficult it is to destroy the CCP. There are so many people in the United States that are lying and making things up. There are so many traitors in the United States.

The CCP also has an article that exposed the people who endorsed the CCP. And the author should really be our “good comrade-in-arms”.

Here’s the conclusion that the CCP is in a panic mode under the truth of the Whistleblower Movement. It does not hesitate to mobilize professionals and all the CCP’s silent forces in the United States. Otherwise, how dare the CCP arrogantly claim to “give it to the scientific community”? !

The US will address the problem with its internal group of people, such as the intelligence director (of ODNI). We have seen that the Congress has began investigating Dr. Fauci.

See how evil and hypocritical the CCP’s acting is, Shi Zhengli doesn’t even have the virus in her hand, dare she fabricate a fake virus sequence to support the CCP’s fake logic. Since Luther’s whistleblowing in January, the CCP has spent so much effort to distort the facts and fabricate lies, which in turn have proven that the Whistleblowers Movement is right, and scientists who were rescued by Miles were truthful.


This article comprehensively exposes the CCP ’s evilness. On one hand, the genetic sequence (of the RaTG13) has been uploaded and this cannot be changed or hide; on the other hand, after being questioned, the CCP cannot recreate this non-existent strain to cover its lie. The CCP is completely exposed. Obviously, the CCP will be shamelessly stalling its end days to come, counterattack crazily, or try to assassinate the core people of the Expose Revolution, including Trump and Pompeo. In the darkness before dawn, everyone needs to pay attention and to protect oneself. When the United States cleans up the internal traitors, it will tighten the net over the CCP. June 4th, the Himalaya’s Nation Day is quickly approaching!

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1 year ago

Covid 19是人造的,袭击人类,因此定义它是生物武器。这就违反了生物武器公约。犯有反人类罪。此罪比恐怖主义组织罪大100倍。
CCP明白这一点,此罪即成必被灭之。所以使出浑身解数来掩盖这一事实真相。包括大撒币收买WHO,和世界多国知名科学家,为其制造的各种谎言背书。先是华南海鲜市场,云南蝙蝠,穿山甲,又是石正丽伪造Ratg 13,又是美国军人投放,又来交给科学界,最后,美国情报局和美国科学家出面为CCP站台。就一个郭文贵和路德节目都一一驳斥的体无完肤。最后全世界公认,CCP生物武器,恐怖主义组织,反人类罪成。CCP你完了!

1 year ago

Did the defected insiders bring with them useful information to prove the CCP engineered this virus or not?


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