Moore: They will have to pay some kind of reparations to the United States

Trump economic advisor in FreedomWorks economist, Stephen Moore answered the questions from Cheryl Casone on Fox. Stephen emphasized that China really have become in many ways very adversarial to the economic and security interests of the United States. And the attitude that Trump has had about China is now reflected broadly by the American people. That China’s completely unrepentant about the whole coronavirus crisis and just basically trying to cover up their role, rather than coming forward with a plan to help. They will have to pay some kind of reparations or something to the United States or else. They’re going to see more tariffs and other kind of measures that will be punitive. On the other hand, the employers are going to see a 7.5% reduction in the payroll cost, so that incentivizes work. This makes so much more sense than spending. This will create jobs, because it incentivizes employers, small-business employers. This is about getting unemployed people into jobs, so they can have a paycheck, rather than be paid by the government.

Source: Payroll tax cut would help employers rehire people

Translation:【Freela】 Proofreading:【Winston Jackson】 Subtitle:【Freela】

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May. 18, 2020