Miles: CCP’s “urgent strategy” toward Taiwan; what will happen during two-session and June 4

Chinese dissident Miles Guo had a second live broadcast on Sunday on G-TV platform (

Here is a summary of some of the topics covered (not a complete list):

CCP “two-session” enters an emergency status to draft “urgent strategy” toward Taiwan

There have been discussions of “urgent strategy” toward Taiwan ahead of the “two-session” meetings. It appears that the CCP is planning a series of big moves because many radical elements within the Chinese Communist Party call for the take over of the island.

The National People’s Congress, delayed from early March because of the coronavirus outbreak, will start on May 22, as the biggest political meeting of the year. The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a more than 2,000-member advisory body that meets in tandem with the Congress, will start one day earlier on May 21. Together, the meetings are known as the “two-sessions“.

What might happen during the “two-session” meetings

Anything can happen during the “two-session” meetings including the death of some top CCP leaders.

The CCP may cease to exist at any time.

A hero who planned some kind of assassination of CCP senior leader(s) was imprisoned after his/her failed attempt. But this person will be rescued.

How to spend June 4th

Miles is planning the 31st anniversary in memory of the pro-democracy movement in 1989 which ended with the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4th.

Ideally, there should be some significant events before the scheduled live broadcast on June 4th this year.

A certain person from a Chinese university wanted to organize a million-people-protest on June 4th. Miles asked the people in China not to take any risk on June 4 to publicly support the June 4th Movement or the Whistleblower Movement, even though they cannot wait any longer. Any protests will result in massive arrests. And the CCP might use protests or riots as excuses to label the friends of Whistleblower Movement as domestic terrorists.

A new China without the CCP will come sooner or later. It is just a matter of time. Miles said he could hear the sound of the CCP’s bone fracturing.

The most important task for the Whistleblower Movement is to secure the financial future of the Chinese people in a post CCP era.

A declaration is being drafted for a nonprofit watchdog group for a new China to prevent the reincarnation of the CCP.

Infiltration of G-TV

G-TV was compromised by an insider who was identified after the FBI got involved in the investigation. G-TV is working well now after the platform was brought down and user data stolen.

No anti-Chinese

Please don’t be blinded by hatred. Most of the CCP members will not face punishment except for a radical cadre of 100 people at the top.

The anti-CCP Whistleblower Movement will not hurt the innocent Chinese in any way. For example, most of Huawei employees are very talented. Huawei should be allowed to operate in the post-CCP era with legitimate (not stolen) technology and peaceful purposes.

Fight over HNA Group’s asset

Many people are fighting over HNA Group’s assets. Wang Jian‘s widow and her brother are fighting with Chen Feng over Wang’s illegitimate asset. Wang and Chen were HNA’s largest individual shareholders.

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I pray that Chinese people will be wise to stay indoors, stay safe and do not participate in activities that will result in causing harm to themselves by the CCP government.


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