CCP tries to secure ties with South Korea & Sri Lanka

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trying to secure its ties with some countries while facing increasing criticisms for its coverup of CCP virus.

The CCP supreme leader said on Wednesday that productive cooperation between China and the Republic of Korea in fighting the novel coronavirus has set a model for global disease control.

The CCP leader made the remark in a phone conversation with his ROK counterpart, Moon Jae-in. The two presidents previously spoke about disease prevention and control in February.

The CCP leader said China and the ROK have controlled the novel coronavirus through hard work, and they have helped and supported each other from the beginning of the outbreak.

The two nations have taken the lead in establishing joint prevention and control and have no imported cases from each other, the CCP leader said.

The two nations facilitated exchanges of important personnel to aid disease prevention, guaranteeing the smooth operation of industrial chains, supply chains, and logistics chains, the CCP leader added.

The CCP and the ROK agreed to open a fast-track lane on May 1 for key business, logistics, production, technical and service exchanges between them. It aims to help maintain and develop bilateral business and trade cooperation and keep industrial and supply chains running in a stable and smooth way.

The CCP would like to continue to cooperate with the ROK on joint prevention and research in medicine and vaccines, and continue to support the World Health Organization to play its role and enhance coordination under multilateral frameworks including the United Nations, G20, and ASEAN plus China, Japan and the ROK.

Calling China and the ROK friendly neighbors, the CCP leader said that they now have more common interests in areas like common development, regional peace, multilateralism and free trade.

Moon spoke highly of China’s progress in the COVID-19 fight and wished China’s upcoming annual sessions of the top legislature and top political advisory body great success.

The ROK and China have taken similar measures on disease prevention and control, and the two countries have achieved fruitful outcomes, Moon said.

The opening of fast tracks has sent a strong signal of unity and cooperation, Moon said, adding that the ROK would like to deepen cooperation with China.

In a phone call with Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on Wednesday evening, the CCP leader said Sri Lanka offered support for China at the critical time during the outbreak, which moved the Chinese people.

The friendship between China and Sri Lanka has been promoted during the COVID-19 fight, and the two countries should push forward practical cooperation steadily and promote the high-quality building of the Belt and Road.

The Sri Lankan president expressed gratitude for China’s support of the country’s economic and social development.

Sri Lanka would like to enhance cooperation with China in such areas as trade, infrastructure and jointly building the Belt and Road, he said.

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1 year ago

Hi! I don’t know where to post this, but some news: An ambassador from China to Israel, Du Wei age 58, was found dead, news reported 09.40 quoting Haaretz. He was found dead in his bed, in his apartment in Tel Aviv. Unknown cause. Police have started investigation.

1 year ago
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Chinese Ambassador to Israel Found Dead in His Home
Cause of death appears to be a cardiac incident, as the envoy was found dead in his bed by staff at his residence with no signs of violence on his body

Bar Peleg
May 17, 2020 11:22 AM


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