CCP: No Jail Time for Faking Baby Formula!

Author: Justice After All (正义之师)

Multiple toddlers in Hunan province, China have developed permanent deformity and intellectual disability after being raised by protein powder drink sold as baby formula.

In Chenzhou, Hunan province, devastated parents found out that their children have been experiencing eczema, dramatic weight loss, swollen heads, rickets, and delayed growth after being fed the “luxurious brand” of a fake baby formula, Bei An Min, for several months.

This protein drink was marketed in a popular maternity store as baby formula. Shockingly, it was promoted by some physicians as a baby formula to those parents first, whose children are in need of amino acid-based formula, an alternative to regular infant formula, due to milk allergy.

Instead of pursuing appropriate punishment or legal charges for this atrocious crime, local authority, Administration of Market Regulation of Chenzhou, brushed it off with the verdict of merely “false advertisement by the company: refund the original payment plus three times more to the parents ; the physicians involved will be suspended from practicing for one year”. Another “stay out of jail for free” card issued by CCP to their privileged group!

Food safety, especially food targeting children, has been a persistently compelling concern in China, along with drug safety. The most infamous case of milk scandal in China occurred in 2008, which involves milk and infant formula adulterated with melamine ( a chemical used to manufacture plastic for its flame-retardant properties). This illegal additive gives the appearance of richer protein content when added to milk, and the scandal left six children dead and almost 300,000 children sickened. While the consumers’ confidence has not been restored in the dairy products after a decade, this shocking revelation drives further tremor out of any parents.  

With the often-incestuous relationship between local business and medical professionals, the inequity in flow of information has severely sabotaged the rights of parents who are seeking medical advice for their children. The absence of law, regulations, code of conduct, religious beliefs, integrity, impartiality and transparency has bred demoniac behaviors of doing anything for financial gain in opportunists. CCP’s organizational structure and governance approaches guarantee its failure in mitigating this opportunism when no legal contracts or social safeguards can be consulted with.

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May. 16, 2020