Miles: USA’s anti-CCP actions are too slow

Summary: 老姜

May 15

Last night, along with house-arrest of Vice President Wang Qishan, the news revealed by The LuDe Show that U.S. is seriously considering to cut off the relationship with CCP/China, delist Chinese stocks in the U.S. stock market,really shocked the Chinese audience all over the world. It is another fact that under the CCP system, regardless who you are, CCP high ranking officials, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, celebrities, you name it, if you are disobedient to CCP order, you will immediately be knocked down by the system.

The top US officials told me yesterday that Congress and the White House have decided to enact legislation to seize the assets of CCP senior officials,hiding in the U.S. and West, before August 1st this year. However, CCP and the Chinese rich guys actually started to withdraw their assets from the U.S. as early as a few weeks ago. I think Americans are still acting too slow. According to the statistics, about 65% of deaths rate in the United States caused by the CCP pandemic are African Americans. This shall never happen, if the White House, the Congress, media, the public believe our Whistleblower Movement, believes Steve Bannon’s War Room and acted earlier, all these death can be avoided. I have warned the United States for a long time that the WHO is not trustful, Dr. Tedros Adhanom should step down immediately, where is American’s action? CCP killed more than 10,000 Hong Kong protestors, except for the Hong Kong Protection Act, what other actions does the United States have? They are still talking about action on August 1st? The CCP is likely risking their luck to take control of Taiwan. There are many traitors (KMT, New Party, DPP) in Taiwan to work with the CCP,and I really worried about it.

I told American politicians that when you seize the assets of CCP high-ranking officials, you must have a proper solutions to minimize the impact on innocent Chinese. Our Himalayas reserve and ROL Foundation are the oversea based Chinese force . While the international community is about to sanction the CCP, we must ensure that we will never allow our fellow Chinese’s life to be ruined, following the collaps of CCP. We shall defend the interests, safety and dignity of innocent fellow Chinese. The anti-CCP action in Europe is taking full action, Africa is also waking up, and Japan is with the U.S. Over the past few days, from Secretary Pompeo, Fox News, and the White House, so much exciting news to wipe out the CCP is coming out everyday.

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1 year ago

But they probably won’t be able to liquidate assets tied up in real estate and business deals soon enough.

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