Miles Guo: CCP will make big move in Hong Kong; early termination plan of Hong Kong’s autonomy

Chinese dissident Miles Guo shared a video made by the Chinese State Media about turning Hong Kong into a municipality directly under the Chinese Central Government to bypass one-country-two-systems, the current constitutional principle of the governance of Hong Kong.

On May 16, Miles Guo said that the CCP would make big moves to “stabilize” Hong Kong before the CCP’s two-session meeting which will start on May 20. Major decisions about Hong Kong will be made during the two-session meeting.


In the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) promised to allow Hong Kong to retain its established system under a high degree of autonomy for 50 years after the reunification in 1997.

Miles Guo said on May 15 that the arrogance and stupidity of the CCP’s top leaders coupled with the incompetence and dishonesty of the local officials put Hong Kong on a road to destruction. The pro-Beijing Hong Kong official told the Central Government confidently that the extradition bill, which could send anybody in Hong Kong to a court in mainland China, would pass without issue.

The extradition bill turned out to be the last straw to break the camel’s back. It triggered a series of events that not only changed Hong Kong forever but also the course of history:

  • The CCP’s erosion of Hong Kong’s rule of law has been met with strong resistance from the Hong Kong people, who have been protesting for almost a year.
  • The CCP murdered over ten thousand Hong Kong pro-democracy activists and arrested tens of thousands more.
  • The CCP unleashed a lab-made virus to control Hong Hong but turned it into a pandemic.
  • The US will remove Hong Kong’s special trade status in the wake of the CCP’s erosion of Hong Kong’s autonomy.
  • The imminent crash of the Hong Kong stock market and the Hong Kong Dollar will become one of the factors to bring down the CCP’s economy.

But the CCP never gives up its plan to fully control Hong Kong.

The transcript of the CCP video based on an articled first appeared in Aug 2019 at the height of the Hong Kong protest against the Extradition Bill


In order to solve the problem of Hong Kong’s resistance, Beijing is considering to directly announce that Hong Kong would be changed to a municipality directly under the Central Government, becoming the standard “one country, one system”.


According to a report from China’s “Letter Media”, if Beijing directly declares Hong Kong to be a municipality directly under the Central Government of China, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Identity Card and passport will be canceled as soon as possible and replaced by the People’s Republic of China Identity Card and passport.


Relevant sources pointed out that this is because the Beijing authorities believe that Hong Kong residents currently holding multinational passports are the main force of “Hong Kong independence”.


As for the financial system, the People ’s Bank of China, which is fulfilling the duties of the central bank of China, will take over the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, reorganize the Hong Kong tax system, and abolish the Hong Kong dollar.


Regarding the police system, the Beijing authorities think that troops directly under the Armed Police Headquarters should be stationed in Hong Kong, and tens of thousands of people’s policemen from Guangdong should be recruited to join the Hong Kong Police Force, directly under Hong Kong Customs.


Regarding the government system, the current Central Liaison Office will act as the central authority and responsibility, and the Hong Kong Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, People ’s Congress, CPPCC, etc. will be established to replace the current SAR government system in Hong Kong.


As for education, Beijing intends to plan by the Ministry of Education to deploy 5,000 faculty members from China to all levels of schools in Hong Kong. The current textbooks in Hong Kong will be discontinued and replaced by the textbooks of Guangdong Province.


In the transitional period of the governance system, Chinese people will be suspended from traveling into Hong Kong to prevent them from getting exposed to the resistance reactions of the Hong Kong people before they are fully incorporated into China, or assisting any controversial people to flee Hong Kong.


According to people familiar with the matter, once Hong Kong becomes China’s fifth municipality directly under the Central Government, then it is very likely that Hong Kong will no longer have the special status of “Hong Kong, China”, such as its external title, representative, seat, etc., and no need to enact the “Fugitive Offenders Regulations” (commonly known as the extradition bill).

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