Angered by CCP’s dirty tricks, President Trump said in no mood of talking with President Xi.

On May 5th 2020, during his broadcast on G-TV, Miles Guo made an important statement that phase 3.0 (the collapse of the CCP) becomes inevitable when several conditions are met at the same time. 

Here is the statement made by Miles Guo: 


  • 上海股市、深圳股市、香港股市不停,人民币、港币不出现崩盘式变化,没到3.0;
  • 甚至对台湾没动作不到3.0
  • 以美灭共,只要川普总统不跟习主席的个人关系拜拜了,不到3.0;
  • 只要美国川普总统,美国政府不查封他们的资产,不查封他们这些海外的私生子女的资产,不到3.0。就是这么简单。

Here is the author’s translation:

Let me tell you, my friends, phase 3.0 will only be accomplished when 

  • Stock trading in SHSE, SZSE and HKSE are suspended and RMB (CCPB) and Hong Kong Dollar collapsed. 
  • The CCP takes actions against Taiwan. 
  • President Trump says “good bye” to President Xi and ends his personal friendship with Xi. 
  • The US government officially freezes the assets owned by the CCP Kleptocrats and their illegitimate Children. 

According to different media sources on May 14th, President Trump said he is still having a good relationship between President Xi, but now he does not want to speak to President Xi. President Trump also said that total decoupling with the CCP is possible and the US will eventually benefit from this and save 500 billion USD from this unfair trade relationship. 

When combing Miles Guo’s May 5th statement with this piece of news, we can see that condition No.3 is gradually being fulfilled. In addition, according to an article from Gnews on May 14th , President Trump has also sent out signals that the US will hold the CCP Kleptocrats accountable by freezing their assets, which means condition No.4 is also being met little by little. 

With more people being awakened by the whistleblower movement and with CCP’s judgment day (June 4th ) looming ahead, it is believed that the conditions mentioned by Miles Guo will be satisfied one by one shortly. The CCP’s doomsdays will come soon! 

The collapse of the CCP will permanently leave its self-boasted “institutional advantages” on the ash heap of the history! 


Author: Brother Rain

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May. 15, 2020