In the past few weeks, the tragic uprise in suicides in China is unprecedented

While people in the U.S. sit here in our new “social distancing world” experimenting with new recipes, hiking, and finally reading all those dusty books that have never been cracked open, we can’t help but shift our focus on China again. In the past few weeks, the tragic uprise in suicides is unprecedented.

The examples, too numerous to count begin with a famous one happening a few years ago of Yang Gailan, a poor woman who barely had enough to feed her family. She received minimum rations from the government to feed herself and her children. As what little she had was confiscated in a corruptible manner by the local officer, Yang Gailan, without hope, without basic necessity, killed her children and then herself. Her husband upon returning home, saw what had happened and then also killed himself. What would drive a woman to kill her own children?

More recently a similar situation happened with a doctor in the city of Yichang, Hubei Province, whose wife is also a doctor. After months of being on the front line battling CCP virus in which every day is filled with making difficult medical decisions, he came home one evening, and shortly afterwards, he took his children with him and holding them, jumped off a bridge killing them all…What was he thinking? What would motivate him to do such a thing? The local government report states that he had an argument with his wife; can we be sure?

We can look at a case of an undergrad art student who had to write a dissertation article to graduate. The professor was displeased with her work and would not send her to the interview stage. Despite her efforts to revise the article, the professor would not make contact with her or answer her calls. She contracted an illness which required hospitalization. Even then, the professor did not make contact. The girl ended up passing away. One must ask, what kinds of pressures may have caused this to happen?

A 9 year-old girl recently killed herself leaving behind only one note that grimly stated, “Why is what I did, not good?” Why is this happening?!

There are so many recent examples of people that have made a public display of suicide. There have been people who hang themselves from crosswalk bridges over roads in the hearts of big cities. Others are seeking trees on the sides of the road to hang themselves while others are jumping off of buildings; Such things we would never hope to see. This form of death has everything to do with the innermost thoughts of oneself. Why are they not spending their last gruesome moments in their homes? What is the message they wish to convey with these grim and piercing, but powerful ending actions?

Fellow citizens of the world, I would petition you to consider that the Chinese government has long-created a system of intense pressure; A pressure that cannot be escaped under this present authoritarian dictatorship; A pressure that promotes financial stress for the poor and feeds power, wealth and promiscuity to the elite few. Public propaganda and the educational agenda point to selfish motives. Basic needs of people are not being met. People are unhappy and furthermore, without hope.

May I further propose that this emptiness, this lack of hope, is due to the fact that the CCP has cut out God from the lives of the Chinese people and banned all religious freedoms. While the CCP may temporarily fool you by saying that there are churches in China, they are ruled and coerced by the government and therefore, negated. China needs the God of the universe. The Christian faith promises the hope of Heaven for the suffering; a reason for living in the here and now! It is a place with no tears for those who are willing to obey the true God of the universe. China has eliminated those chances of hope for its people by burning down churches, and arresting those Chinese Christians-men, women, and children-brave enough to steadfastly meeting in an “underground church.” Friends, without God, there is no hope. We are seeing this now, vividly and horrifically in precious lives ending with no reason to go on. May we be courageous and bold enough to realize that this system doesn’t work. Life is cruel and hard; COVID-19 has made it intensely more hard for many. The people who made this choice to end their own lives are without guidance and have no direction in life. But may we realize the pressures and hardships that the CCP has inflicted upon its own people; the people don’t have a choice! To not have God is life without hope and pursuit of hope and happiness is something all people should have!

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May. 14, 2020