CCP Wants To Threat The Parliamentarians And Interfere The US Congress

Author: Prof. Bacteriophage

On May 13, by making use of its official and unofficial media, which are the People’s Daily and the Global Times, the CCP indicated that the Chinese government is already preparing to take necessary disciplinary measures against some senators, congressmen and Missouri relevant individuals and entities in the U.S., who have fabricated anti-China bills. Among them are Republican Senator Josh Holly, Senator Tom Cotton, Rep. Chris Smith, etc. At the same time, Lijian Zhao, a spokesman for the CCP’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that politicians in the U.S. attack China when they mention the pandemic just in order to respond to the crisis. He also ridiculously advised them not to be too immersed and fascinated in their acting.

It deserves everyone’s attention for this kind of public threat against members of parliament, especially for these mentioned above. CCP will take necessary disciplinary measures against you! From another perspective, CCP’s remarks and actions are actually interfering in the internal affairs of the United States. If they would do what they said, does it mean that the bill discussed by the US Congress must be decided by them? This is not a joke, please be vigilant.

From the CCP’s point of view, they are extremely dissatisfied with the indiscriminate lawsuit against China in the United States, which is the reason they want to take this action. However, they are untenable when suing of anti-China and attacks China. Let’s review the bills of Legislation mentioned by the CCP. For example, the S.3588 – Justice for Victims of Coronavirus Act, it reads exactly targeting at the Government of the Republic of China. It targets the government. The same as the H.R.6519 – Holding the Chinese Communist Party Accountable for Infecting Americans Act of 2020. It obviously targets the CCP reading from its title.

All these bills are carried out in accordance with standard procedures, and all parliamentarians are also performing their duties. They accept questions but never accept threats. Any action taken by the U.S. civil or administration on CCP will also fully comply with existing or newly adopted laws in the future.

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May. 14, 2020