Miles Guo’s definition of G coins and his visions

His visions for G coins:

  1. G coin has recently created an internet miracle and accomplished its first function. That is to encourage our supporters to spread the truth on the platform (GTV) as rewards so that it first becomes a tradable and exchangeable online community currency.
  2.  Second, G coins will be used in the intelligence market. That is using G coins to purchase intelligence and news that can reveal the truth. G coin as a reward can be circulated globally from the reward currency in the online community to the intelligence market payment and can be accumulated.
  3. The next step is that all pure profits of G-Fashion, G-News and the platform (GTV) are used as reserves of G coins. Then this reserve will be used to buy gold. The gold reserves in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom in Europe will be the reserve currency for G coins.
  4. G coin should be a currency that you can trust in the world. If you don’t want G coins, you can exchange them for gold or sell them online. G coins can get you cash or gold in the quickest way, and it can also circulate around the world.
  5. The whistleblowers movement can allow our brothers and sisters to legally make money on G coins and make huge wealth on this platform (GTV), for example when you open a shop at G-Mall in G-Fashion or write news at G-News. G coins will become certifiable in the future. G coins give you authentication. If you have G coins, you will have credit. And the rules are set by our brothers and sisters. This will be the next step, and we will have the G Coin Security Certification Committee, which will take their turns to preside this committee.
  6. G coins can be used to reward G-Fashion, G-News, GTV videos and social information in the future.
  7. G coins will not have paper money and will be a kind of gold coins. In the future, you can directly purchase G coins by credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and even checks. G coins can be purchased directly through banks. One goal of G-coins is to become an international currency that is safe to the Chinese people.

His definition of G coins:

  1. G-coins must be independent. G-coins will be exchangeable, be trusted and respected by people. It will have artistic beauty and will be a stable currency that combines virtual and real currency. I call it absolute trustworthy sovereignty. This sovereignty means the absolute currency of owner sovereignty. It will definitely break all the rules.
  2. G coin will be the product that combines the encrypted blockchain virtual product and physical currency, the only gold standard virtual currency. By including blockchain currency and network virtual currency, G coins are transformed into a ready-to-pay currency with the same rights as de facto sovereign currencies in the world besides the sovereign national currencies.
  3. G coins can be withdrawn and circulated through the online payment system. G coins must be encrypted by the blockchain technology, safe and secret. It must be a decentralized payment system. Only the Himalayas and our brothers and sisters will remain in the system, and there will be nothing about Miles Guo.

By GM 12 and GM 01

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