How a teenage victim raped by unknown cops became a wanted fugitive

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Suppose you had a daughter, 18, and she was arrested and gang-raped by four policemen in a police station. You must be outraged. Unfortunately, the daughter was pregnant and had an abortion surgery at Queen Elisabeth Hospital. You might take whatever it would cost to bring justice to at least THE rapist through the DNA of the embryo.

However, seven months later, the expected investigation results in nothing. When you are trying your best to advance the investigation, you are informed that your poor daughter, a victim who had suffered too much for a girl of her age, has become a wanted fugitive for providing false information after being arrested for participating a anti fugitive-extradition law movement.

Before you are about to lose temper for the outrageous allegation, you suddenly realize that it is the police chief Chris Tang who says that your daughter, known as “Ms. X”, is facing arrest for “allegedly misleading detectives”.

Tang, 55, has a daughter himself and he once mentioned that her daughter loved Mandy like many youngsters in Hong Kong. Instead of thoroughly investigating the case and holding the rapists accountable, the father of a daughter told the public on Tuesday that the girl victim of his daughter’s age was a lair. “She is out of Hong Kong and is now wanted”, he said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Some senior citizens were so angry at Tang’s brazenness of confusing right and wrong, warned the father should mind his behavior and words, or the retribution would fall onto his daughter.

Ms. X defended her claim today after the Hong Kong Police Force announced plans to arrest her on suspicion of providing false information. The force previously confirmed a woman filed a complaint with them on October 22 last year, alleging that she had been gang-raped by unknown officers in Tsuen Wan police station, according to her lawyer.

On November 4 last year, police obtained a search warrant to seize Ms. X’s medical records – including those pre-dating the alleged incident – as well as CCTV footage from her private doctor’s clinic without her consent, prompting her to mount a legal challenge. The magistrate suspended the warrant and granted an anonymity order the next day. The court formally canceled the warrant on November 28.

Tang said in January that Ms. X was under investigation because her claim was inconsistent with video footage from the time of the alleged incident. The move was denounced by lawyers as an effort to diminish her prospects of a successful prosecution. The police proceeded to seize Ms. X’s medical records before she and her lawyer publicly announced the case. It is suspicious that the police force wants to cover up the fact and shift the blame onto the victim.

But Tang’s painstaking efforts to frame Ms. X spurred public anger. Bulks of reports on police brutality have been released earlier today. So far, at least 3300 were arrested during the 11-month protest movement, with 1400 are under the age of 18. Ms. X was not the only one who stood up to reveal rape and sexual assault by the police force. Sonia Ng, a student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, reported being sexually assaulted during detainment last September.

Ng has been intimidated many times and Ms. X became a wanted person of the police force. An online opinion poll revealed that nearly 80% of the 130,000 respondents called for disbanding the police force for outrageous police brutality.

Ms. X expressed “distress” at having learned about the police comments: “I have sought no publicity about my complaint. Nor have I politicized my complaint,” she said, adding her statement was only issued last November in response to leaked details of her case on the internet from “police sources.”

Hong Kong police chief tried to discredit me, says girl who ...

Chris Tang went to Yeung Long District Council for a meeting and reported Ms. X’s case without being asked. (Source: SCMP)

Ms. X’s statement:

In a statement issued on her behalf by her legal representatives – Vidler & Co. Solicitors – Ms. X accused Tang of intentionally publicizing her case in a repeated attempt to discredit her.

“… I learned from media reports that the Commissioner has publicly said that I am facing arrest for ‘making a false statement.’ He again chose to do so publicly, in a manner which any objective observer would be driven to conclude was directed at discrediting me,” it read.

“I hoped and prayed that the complaint would be investigated impartially, in strict confidence and with respect for my privacy and dignity. None of that has happened.”

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May. 13, 2020